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  1. Can you check -LND too as it's recently been operating longer flights to mostly TRZ and TRV, compared to the others it doesn't do a great deal of domestic flying compared to the other non IFE birds -LCK, L, M and P.


    Just checked and for the second time this week it's operating to BNE via DPS.

    LND is definitely still without IFE installed. The probable reason why its been spotted doing TRV and TRZ lately is that unlike LNC, LND is an EDTO certified and equipped aircraft. Won't be surprised to see it going in for IFE installation in near future too (assuming LNC had its IFE installation done during the last ground time in SZB)

  2. Earlier this afternoon -LNC positioned SZB-KUL using the unusual flight number of OD9001.


    Curious to know why it's been at SZB for an extended period presumably undergoing some kind of maintenance.


    Could it of possibly been at Airod having the seats changed? I think Airod used to fit the seats into their earlier deliveries which were delivered with only J class seats installed.


    The flight number used is interesting as Malindo uses OD5001/5002 flight numbers for maintenance ferry flights to/from Batam Aero Technic, Indonesia.

    Someone may possibly be right about IFE installation on LNC. The NO IFE remarks have been removed from dispatch documents for this aircraft. Now we just need a confirmation from anyone who gets onboard the aircraft.

  3. The inflight magazine lists the MAX has a capacity of 180 single class.


    Are they phasing out business class?


    As these frames were originally destined for Lion Thai, they will feature a single class configuration for now. No news yet if a retrofit is planned in future.

  4. Malaysia Airlines W12 Operation Changes as of 17AUG12

    by JL

    Update at 0515GMT 17AUG12


    As per 17AUG12 GDS timetable and inventory display, new changes to planned Malaysia Airlines Winter 2012/13 International operation changes as follows. Additional changes remain possible as usual.


    Kuala Lumpur – Chennai

    eff 01SEP12 Service increases from daily to 11 weekly

    eff 05JAN13 (NEW) Service further increases to 14 weekly. MH180/181 will switch from A330-200 to 737-800

    MH182 KUL0935 – 1045MAA 738 D

    MH180 KUL2220 – 2330MAA 738 D


    MH181 MAA0030 – 0650KUL 738 D

    MH183 MAA1145 – 1805KUL 738 D


    MH182/183 begins from 01SEP12, operates on Day x135. Service operates daily from 05JAN13

    MH180/181 operates with A330-200 until 04JAN13 (MH181 till 05JAN13)


    Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar eff 28OCT12 MH715/716 operates with Boeing 777-200ER instead of Airbus A330-300

    Kuala Lumpur – Dhaka eff 28OCT12 New Airbus A330-300 operates on Mondays only, replacing 777-200ER

    Kuala Lumpur – Guangzhou

    28OCT12 – 17FEB13 Airbus A330-300 replaces -200, 1 daily

    eff 18FEB13 Introduction of 2nd Daily service (MH380/381). All 2 daily flights operated by Boeing 737-800

    MH376 KUL0930 – 1335CAN 738 D

    MH380 KUL2005 – 0010+1CAN 738 D


    MH381 CAN0100 – 0505KUL 738 D

    MH377 CAN1440 – 1845KUL 738 D


    MH376/377 operates with A330-300 from 28OCT12 to 17FEB13


    Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta eff 28OCT12Service increases from 42 to 46 weekly. Reservation for the new flight is not open at present time

    MH717 KUL1100 – 1200CGK 738 x357

    MH716 CGK1250 – 1550KUL 738 x357


    Kuala Lumpur – Taipei Taoyuan eff 19FEB13 Service increases from daily to 11 weekly

    MH408 KUL0135 – 0620TPE 738 x146

    MH366 KUL0925 – 1410TPE 738 D


    MH409 TPE0755 – 1245KUL 738 x146

    MH367 TPE1510 – 2000KUL 738 D


    Kuala Lumpur – Xiamen eff 28OCT12 Service increases from 3 weekly (Day 246) to 5 weekly (Day x35), service operated by Boeing 737-800 instead of A330-200.

    MH390 KUL0940 – 1350XMN 738 x35

    MH391 XMN1510 – 1940KUL 738 x35


    Note Day 17 currently not available for reservation


    Kota Kinabalu – Taipei Taoyuan eff 15NOV12 Boeing 737-800 replaces -400, daily service


    Previously reported changes:

    Kuala Lumpur – Adelaide Service increases from 6 weekly to daily, new flight departs KUL on Tuesdays

    MH139 KUL2230 – 0815+1ADL 333 D

    MH136 ADL1000 – 1510KUL 333 x146

    MH138 ADL1430 – 1940KUL 333 146


    Kuala Lumpur – Bangalore eff 01SEP12 Service increases from daily to 10 weekly

    MH104 KUL0950 – 1120BLR 738 146

    MH192 KUL2210 – 2340BLR 738 D


    MH193 BLR0045 – 0730KUL 738 D

    MH105 BLR1120 – 1855KUL 738 146


    Kuala Lumpur – Beijing eff 01MAR13 MH370/371 and MH392/393 operates with Airbus A330-300 instead of 777-200ER. Overall service becomes 2 daily A330 flights

    Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong eff 31AUG12 Capacity reduction with Airbus A330-300 replaced by Boeing 737-800 on evening and morning flight. MH078 from KUL operates during evening hours instead of red-eye as MH074

    MH072 KUL0915 – 1305HKG 772 D

    MH078 KUL1910 – 2300HKG 738 D


    MH079 HKG0845 – 1225KUL 738 D

    MH073 HKG1445 – 1825KUL 772 D


    Kuala Lumpur – Kathmandu eff 01SEP12 NEW 3 weekly service

    MH170 KUL0855 – 1130KTM 738 246

    MH171 KTM1220 – 1915KUL 738 246


    Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow eff 25NOV12 MH004/001 operates with Boeing 777-200ER, replaces Boeing 747-400. See report on 19JUL12

    MH004 KUL1045 – 1615LHR 772 D

    MH002 KUL2355 – 0525+1LHR 380 D


    MH003 LHR1050 – 0710+1KUL 380 D

    MH001 LHR2200 – 1820+1KUL 772 D


    Kuala Lumpur – Mumbai eff 01SEP12 Service increases from daily to 10 weekly

    MH174 KUL0920 – 1145BOM 738 357

    MH194 KUL2010 – 2245BOM 772 D


    MH175 BOM1240 – 2020KUL 738 357

    MH195 BOM2355 – 0730+1KUL 772 D


    Kuala Lumpur – Osaka Kansai Service increases from 6 weekly to daily, new flight departs KUL on Mondays. Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 777-200ER

    MH052 KUL2350 – 0650+1KIX 333 D

    MH053 KIX1100 – 1705KUL 333 D


    Kuala Lumpur – Sydney Operational aircraft changes

    MH123/122 See Airbus A380 operation below

    MH141/140 Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 777-200ER from 07MAR13

    MH141 KUL0900 – 2015SYD 333 D

    MH123 KUL2250 – 0945+1SYD 380 D


    MH122 SYD1540 – 2050KUL 380 D

    MH140 SYD2155 – 0335+1KUL 333 D


    Airbus A380 operation:

    Malaysia Airlines is to introduce Airbus A380 service on following routes starting 25NOV12 from KUL (inbound flight from 26NOV12), in addition to Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow:

    Kuala Lumpur – Sydney MH123/122, replaces Boeing 747-400

    Kuala Lumpur – Tokyo Narita MH088/089, replaces Boeing 777-200ER


    Malaysia Airlines from 01MAR13 to introduce Airbus A380 service on following route starting 01MAR13 from KUL (inbound flight from 02MAR13):

    Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne MH129/128, replaces Airbus A330-300


    Boeing 747-400 operation:

    Planned last Boeing 747-400 service as follows

    Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow MH004 on 24NOV12, MH001 on 24NOV12

    Kuala Lumpur – Sydney MH123 on 24NOV12, MH122 on 25NOV12



  5. wow, it bothers some people that much when even we MH pilots ourselves put our hands out to congratulate and wish the flight crew all the best on their inaugural journey without thinking if they're Malays, Chinese or Indians.. all we know is that they're MH pilots and frankly, thats all that matters to us.

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