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  1. Load factor down but yield up, that's interesting. But kudos to MAS for making a quick recovery, at least it is looking very good on the surface now. On the other hand, SIA group posted an operating profit of SGD 448 million in the third quarter of financial year 2006/2007, an increase of 19.5% over previous year. The industry is really looking good for the region at the moment.
  2. February 24 2007 BUTTERWORTH - The minister of transportation Datuk Chan Kong Choy said that a new airline based in Penang is expected to get green light for operation before the month of April serving regional routes on ASEAN countries. Could someone post an internet source? I copied it down from a newspaper. Now this is interesting of what a threat it might pose to the other airlines. The minister did not mention any other detail on the new airline.
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