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  1. Finnair? Nope. But at 1900hrs, barely any lights plus was starting to get cloudy after 6pm.


    But, before that, I was passing the airport and thinking about making a detour to the road next to general apron, during office hour eheheee.. :diablo: .


    Hey, B-LMJ is still there. B-KMJ had left though.



    To my surprise, royal family is here. V8-BKH.




    With 2 security guards. Later these dudes moved underneath the a/c.


    If Bob was here in PEN, he would have this in full clean frame. Wish you were here....


    MPL was there with returning Hajj group. So many cars and relatives at the airport making the MAB guys scattered everywhere. Thus making photo taking inconvenience. Too many obstacles to post full a/c photo.



    FYD is making a 'longer' stop.



    And 'Bo Locks' making a pass-by to LGK.



    With these, I conclude my contributions for the year 2009... See you next year. Happy New Year!

    (ps: today - 31/12/09 - we have a 'Blue Moon')

  2. Yeah... It's just that the incident happened on Dec 22 - that's last week - and only 'leaked' to us by the tv and bernama?... :unknw:



    Cathay A333 and Virgin Blue B738 near Darwin on Dec 22nd 2009, loss of separation


    By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Dec 23rd 2009 15:05Z, last updated Wednesday, Dec 23rd 2009 15:05Z


    A Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300, registration B-HLV performing flight CX-135 from Hong Kong (China) to Melbourne,VI (Australia), was enroute southbound at FL370 about 350nm southsoutheast of Darwin,NT (Australia).


    A Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800, registration VH-VUJ performing flight DJ-1457 from Melbourne,VI to Darwin,NT (Australia), was enroute northbound at non-standard flight level 370 on the reciprocal track of the Cathay Pacific Airbus.


    The crew of the Cathay Pacific queried the controller as they were approaching a position about 50nm magnetic radial 157 off waypoint DOSAM (S16.9028 E133.2) and was cleared to climb to FL380 and veer off track to the right. The Boeing crew advised, they'd turn off the track 10nm to the right, too.


    Both aircraft reached their intended destinations for a safe landing.


    The Australian Transportation Safety Board ATSB rated the occurrence a serious incident stating, that there was a break down of separation standards, and opened an investigation.

  3. Broke in two??!... or was it just the wheel bogey.



    December 23, 2009 2:03 a.m. EST

    (CNN) -- No one was seriously injured Tuesday evening when an American Airlines plane overshot a runway near Kingston, Jamaica, during bad weather and crashed into a fence, officials said.


    Flight 331 was carrying 145 passengers plus seven crew members and was going from Miami to Kingston, said Omar Lawrence, operations coordinator at Norman Manley International Airport. The incident took place around 10:20 p.m.


    Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman, refuted claims that the Boeing 737 broke into pieces but did say that there was damage to the fuselage, some cracks and the landing gear on one side of the plane collapsed.


    Smith said they did not have an exact number of people injured but said most of the injuries were minor "bumps and bruises."

    The flight originated in Washington D.C. before landing in Miami, Florida, and then heading to Jamaica, Smith said.

    A Radio Jamaica reporter, Kirk Abraham, said it had been raining in the area and the plane ran into a fence after overshooting the runway.

  4. congrats!!! :clapping:


    agree with u guys...i don't think only 30 of us active...everyday new hot topic and comment made by forum mmbers..


    maybe next time they should also mention bout 'gurl' involve in this hobbies..hahahaha... :lol:


    Hmmm.. dont get it wrong...


    keahlian Malaysianwings kini mencecah 1,500 orang sejak ditubuhkan kira-kira empat tahun lalu tetapi hanya 30 orang yang benar-benar aktif sebagai penjejak

    [in bold: only 30 members are active as spotters]


    30 here is the number of 'active spotters'... not the number of active members in the forum...

    Hope this helps..

  5. Hari Raya Haji Catch:-


    Target 1 - AK Bo Locks

    Ok. pls shine a light to a caveman here. What's Bo Rocks? AK's Tweeter page said in Dec 1st, "Celebrate our latest A320 edition - Bo Rocks, dedicated to AirAsia AllStars~ It is you who make AirAsia today!" (

    ). Does that means it is an appreciation to all AK staffs? But then, why calls it Bo Locks? Aiyah so confusing...

    I'm totally no idea. Many thanks in advance. I only have bones and chipped stones to offer :p

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