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  1. Was passing by airport after doing some company's stuff with the camera, then saw this AHK doing numerous touch and go's.

    Went to sand mount place, inaccessible due to high trees and heavy bushes. Went to moo-moo place, can't go in as they built fences around the area. Frustrated, went to Jalan Pmtg Damar Laut roadside.





    Managed to snap 5 photos before the camera's batt conked out <_>

    And couldn't do much touch up as my pc (with CS2 inside) is under warranty claim and office pc only have Irfanview.


    I missed spotting at PEN...


    edited: ewww... why is the pic so ugly one....?

  2. Have there been changes by MAB at PEN? Increased presence of Bulis? Any new airlines? I really miss that little airport!

    You can't even stop your car by the GA side. They'll come and chase you away :angry:


    Tonight (22 May) B-KPF, CX Asia World City B77W, nightstop PEN. Not sure if tomorrow it goes to KUL or straight back to HKG.

    Sorry, Kapitan. I missed...

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