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  1. Have you seen EK, AF, QF or LH livery? All of them are white fuselage with either a billboard title (EK) or just plain white with beautiful tails.

    The above-mentioned airlines made it looks simple but still elegant. But MH's look kinda rush and did it at the sake of changing it...

    Still, i need to see it in the flesh. (ermmm... the rendered looks on B744 looks hideous though... <_>


    edited: Just to add, if El AL had its bottom swept lines red in color, we'll be El Al's partner... much to the hate of (almost) everyone in Malaysia. However, political aside, El Al made it looks catchy as the swept lines 'continue' till the lines at the tail... simple but still kind to the eyes.



    Well, probably, MH should trim down the thickness of the swept lines (or whatever term they called it) a little bit. 'Soften' to our eyes. Blue and Red is bright enough. Made them thick, they screamed "CHEAP!!!", don't you think?? :unknw:

  2. The rego is A7-AEH


    A Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300, registration A7-AEH performing flight QR-645 from Manila (Philippines) to Doha (Qatar), was enroute near Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) when the captain showed symptoms of a heart attack and passed away in flight. The first officer diverted to Kuala Lumpur for a safe landing.


    The airline confirmed the captain passed away in flight, the flight diverted to Kuala Lumpur. A replacement crew boarded the aircraft, that reached Doha with a delay of 4.5 hours




    Rest in peace, captain.

  3. Thanks CB. I tried my best as there's always cloud cover nowadays.


    Hey Yusoff! Wah... all the WMKP spotting locations have been 'conquered' by bulis? :angry:


    Anyway I just returned to SIN permanently. Hope to get a chance to fly over to PEN for some food and spotting soon!


    Heard from my PEN contacts that a CX 777-300ER went AOG at PEN recently?

    Returned so early?... I thought for a few years... come la station at PEN.. :p


    GA is conquered by bulis They have table and big pasar malam (night market) umbrella there. Sometimes they're OK if you snapping there but sometimes not. Bus Stop and MooMoo inaccessible. Left Uncle House and your 'secluded' spot only...


    CX 777 went AOG? really?


    what time did it arrive ? I was there early this morning for taking the CX flight...didn't see anything...yes the GA is now blocked due to some expansion of the airport

    Probably just before 12pm.. i was there at quarter past 12... oh, did I mentioned 'this morning' on my previous post? Ooopssie... :p Inside the terminal it's always cold, plus the cloudy outside. In my head, it was still morning :lol:

  4. Thanks guys. Just happened to be there this morning.


    Wilson, u tak mau balik... :p

    At Gen Apron je... almost all the great spots are inaccessible now... Bus Stop - cabins, Moo-moo - the scrapyard expanded and blocked the entire area.. :(

    And BTW, GA too is now partially blocked as airport expansion/reno is in progress...


    This morning (as always, no sun :angry: ), at GA.


    Obstacles!!! This is the best I could get.



    It just arrived I think, as the army personnels are pouring out from PEN arrival hall.


    Busy, busy...


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