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  1. Here's my share while spotting with Yong and Wilson.


    Saturday 8th - The Bus Stop:


    N606FE. 1st Fedex of the day. 'Charles & Teresa'






    PK-CKA 'Kasih'. Dog on runway!!



    N608FE 'Colton'. The 2nd Fedex, 30 minutes later.









    EVAaaaa.... B-16406



    9M-FYB. She was at the apron since I arrived at 8-something, and not to depart until 10.35am



    An hour later, a 3rd Fedex! N805FD.




    Sunday 9th - The Beach


    9M-AFZ, the last of the F series.






    Yong's JAL :D






    N454UP. Unexpectedly!



    Star of the day, B-HUS



    The moo moo at the Moo Moo spot :D



    Thanks for viewing. Cheers! :drinks:

  2. Wow... 'bus stop' location has become very strategic...

    how's the 'welcoming committee (aka bulis)' now?


    Good shot LW... :clapping:

    Not really Norman. Right behind the sign board where the pipe is, they put a big cabin, complete with roofing. You either need to be tall (even by standing on the rock) or bring your own ladder (into someone's properties).... or some balancing act... ;)

    As for the bulis, only one passed by this time... but we still hide the ladder when there's no plane.

  3. Yusoff also climbed on top the tong sampah to get better shots :p Oh wait, if you don't know, he could even stand on his motorbike :rofl:


    :lol: I missed that motorbike.

    FYI, the tong sampah [dumpster] is clean as they use it to dump papers for recycle...

    See the water tank at the back? Yong even suggested to climb on it. I said later we need to run very fast. Why, he asked. Because the water tank already terbalik [toppled] because both of us badan 'sedikit' besar ['a bit' heavy built]... :D :D


    Wonder why the "creative" way of connecting the water pipe there ? :nea:

    Further inside, there's a fire hydrant thingy, probably used by the bomba for training or some other water usage. So to read the meter (there's a gauge on the pipe), it is conveniently placed outside by the huge pipe. My guess... :unknw:

  4. HEL - LGK


    DEC: 8, 15, 22, 29 - all ETA 1745hrs

    JAN: 5, 12, 19, 26 - ETA 1745hrs

    FEB: 2, 9, 16, 23 - ETA 1745hrs

    MAR: 2, 9 - ETA 1745hrs



    and Koreans on chartered Asiana will be at JHB on these dates (aircraft type not confirmed)


    24/12: 0004hrs

    total of 20 chartered flights until 3 March 2011. Can't help with the time though.

    *posted on JHB thread as well

  5. they didn't left PEN

    actually FY is seperate with two unit, which is ATR unit and LCC unit.

    now they would like to setup an LCC hub in PEN, ATR remain as a secondary hub for FY's ATR unit

    What I meant was the 'hub' thingy. When they were first operating, FY made PEN as their hub. Then they decided to make full use of Subang airport and moved everything there.

  6. "We decided that we were spending so much time negotiating with Airbus for aircraft purchases that we could save ourselves a lot of wasted time by simply buying the manufacturer.”

    Like that one hor?..... [just like that?] :blink:

    Since I need to pay for parking each time I go to the mall, I could save the parking fee by buying the whole mall. Heh!

    Any takers?

  7. PEN is now under major renovation to cater more pax. The 8 green gables roof will totally replaced with opened or cracked nettle-nut (as what they said).

    That's probably another reason for FY to make it a hub. and probably because there will be an LCCT terminal at PEN.


    Previously they were here (PEN) and then they chiow (left) and now they want to come back again. sigh...

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