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  1. I stopped my car before under glideslope watching planes landing.. after half an hour special army came and ask me what are the reasons for that. So better try to avoid them, because many of them can't speak English...

    As this article mentioned:


    When I first met Yeung, I asked him for the most important rule of planespotting: "Don't get arrested,"




    Thanks Yuh Loh for the link to the article. A good read.




    Sharp pics, Faizul :good:

    Got summore?

  2. Actually I was thinking why SIN - IPH? Sorry but what would any airlines get from this route? Last time I'd also asked about SIN - TWU but someone indicated to me that travelers from Singapore can go to Sipadan island via Tawau, but Ipoh?


    IMHO Perth is different because Western Australia happens to be a preferred destination to have a tertiary education.

    SIN-IPH is good for foodie. Ayam garam, 'ang chow', "Ipoh mali talak sombong" chicken, to name a few. Well, the last one is inedible though... :lol:



    Eh... wait wait... mana SIN-PEN route??... [where's SIN-PEN]

  3. Yusoff,


    Introduce me to your Uncle... then I can visit him every Raya... :lol:

    Norman, I can introduce you to 'my' Uncle but you may want to visit him on a different Raya. Say the first raya on Gregorian calendar... ;)


    CILAKA~!!! CILAKA~!!! CILAKA~!!!


    Jom Attack Penang~!!!

    Hang mai la kalau berani.. :lol:

    [come if you dare]



  4. Me next...




    The usual ones and the good stuffs....


    0809 at the Bus Stop






    0910 at the Beach












    1002, interval... This one was also 'landing'. Flap-less and on the beach summore... :lol:




    Sunday: (*don't you just hate it when you overslept... cilaka! *)


    1855 from Uncle's House


    with 6 POB





    Thanks Yong for visiting... I'll treat you summore 'or-chien' the next time you come :lol:


    Enjoy and adios muchachos... goin to bed as well. Gonna have to wake up at 4am later...



  5. April 06, 2009 18:07 PM


    25 Killed In Military Plane Crash In Indonesia


    JAKARTA, April 6 (Bernama) -- As many as 25 people were killed after an Indonesian Military aircraft crashed in Hussain Sasatranegara airport, Bandung, the capital city of West Java province, on Monday afternoon, China's Xinhua news agency reported.


    All the passengers onboard the ill fatted Fokker 27 plane were killed, Detik.com quoted an official statement issued by Air Forces' special forces spokesperson Lieut. Col. Nairiza as saying shortly after the crash took place.


    According to the statement, the crash took place at 13:00 local time. The passengers consisted of 18 Air Forces' special troops and 7 plane crews. They were about to fly for a routine parachute training.


    A military spokesman Sargon Tambun said the plane was burnt down after hitting a hanger at the airport.


    -- BERNAMA




    The F27 was so FAT, that's why it crashed, and how come the 'fatted' F27 could catch fire by just hitting a small wire hanger hanged at the airport?... :wacko:

    What a shame from BERNAMA....



    Sorry OT..


    Rest in peace to those who perished...

  6. SOURCE:Air Transport Intelligence news


    AirAsia establishing four new hubs

    By Leithen Francis


    AirAsia is planning to establish hubs at Phuket in Thailand, Penang in Malaysia and Medan and Bandung in Indonesia to aid its expansion.


    [sarcasm]Wow!.. Exciting!... Been hearing this for the 51,654th times and just by saying it, makes me happy......[/sarcasm] <_>

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