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  1. Yup just like dropping in a new engine into a 20 year old car. It will still run but it will cause money to do and valuble time as work is carried out.


    Dropping a new engine into a 20 year old car is not something that happened everyday.


    As we speak, the engine now is on a treiler, on the way to Penang. Will reach there today for the replacement work. If MH operates only 1 single B734, then they might have some problem dealing with this kind of situation. Just like when SQ A380 just arrived. They were new. Little problem surfaced and the planes were grounded. It's not the age. It's the support. Unless you ask MAS engineering to change engine of DC3 or Concorde, then maybe they will have lots of problem.

  2. Well, I don't understand the management since they are giving up early slots but they claimed that there's a delay by AIRBUS. Again what can i say other than another silly excuse.... seems like the management doesnt even know if they really needs the A380s or not


    Taking delivery of the A380s now may not be a good thing. Its better to receive A380s later since the pax demand has reduced. At the same time they can get some compensation from AIRBUS. Though the compensation might not be for MAS still it's a huge saving for the owner of the A380s.

  3. Omg, means I have to revise back practically everything?


    Engines, Theory of Flight, Systems, Instruments, Nav, Met, Radio Aids, etcetc?


    Although I know all that knowledge is a must, There must be some way to narrow down the scope! =S


    Relax bro, what is important is that, when they ask you a question, answer on surface....don't go into much details. Don't dig your own grave.

  4. I don't know about AK but some of the standard interview questions for aviation:


    1.Tell us about yourself.

    2.Why do you want to work with AK?

    3.What's latest news with AK?

    4.How many planes we have?

    5.How to differentiate between, A320, A330 and A340?


    P/s: I think wearing red jacket will give extra point.

  5. This is what happened from a passenger's point of view. This is the letter I sent to AirAsia


    Dear Sir, Madam,


    I was with my family on board AK5342 on the 17th of august from Langkawi to Singapore. The complaint I have is about the lack of information from the cockpitcrew about the things that happened during this flight. After taxi out we were standing near the runway at Langkawi for at least 20 minutes. Then the captain informed the passengers that due to airport congestion we still had to wait another 10 minutes. This was somewhat difficult to believe. We were not the only ones thinking that this was not true. Shortly after reaching cruising altitude the aircraft started to descent again with speedbrakes. All the way to low altitude, I suppose 10.000 ft. By this time I told my wife we were going to divert, the captain informed the passengers a few minutes later that due to a technical problem we had to divert to Kuala Lumpur. He mentioned nothing about what kind of failure, to me it was clear that it was a pressurization problem. Later the temperature in the cabin became hot, we heard the airconditioning surge a few times. During the further descent to the airport of KL we felt more than normal pressure on the ears, it was clear that the pressurization of the aircraft was no longer working. During taxi after landing the first officer apologized for the inconvenience of the diversion and the airconditioning problems.

    Please inform me about the real problems of this flight, as the captain was not telling the whole story. We were not the only ones who had big question marks. It even crossed my mind that the cockpit crew was very busy before departure trying to solve a problem but I will not accuse anybody of something which I cannot prove. But the lack of information makes me think so. A failure or problem can happen. A diversion is inconvenient but so be it. But I like to be taken seriously as a passenger, I have a right to. For your information I know what I am talking about, I am an airline-pilot myself.


    Not clear still?

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