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  1. I was at 32L with Yong, Victor and a German(forgot his name) today. Here's what I got...


    This airline brings me fond memories. They send a 777 today.



    Thai also send their regular 777 in new colours.



    Another difference, Lion sending an MD-90.



    Cathay with the 100th aircraft logo. 100th what?



    More to follow...



  2. Long time no spot! I was at 32L today alone. Sorry Ibrahim, I was stuck yesterday, celebrate CNY jugak... My DSLR had been sleeping for the last three months. So I gave it a wake-up call.

    China Cargo 747.



    China Eastern A320.






    SQ SKA A380 came at twice. This was the first time when I was there.



    Then SQ Star Alliance came.



    Globescan 737 with winglet, my first time.



    KLM Jakarta.






    Transmile MD-11.



    On the way back saw this accident just before the Petronas station opposite Sepang F1 circuit. The driver was either watching planes or dreaming of becoming a F1 driver.



    Bye, hope to continue spotting.

  3. I also did not know this thread exists. I think this Pak Haji might as well reveal himself.


    Name: Maarof

    Age : 58. I think I am the oldest member here. Already a granddad.

    Occupation: Government Pensioner, but reemployed under contract.

    Location: Seremban

    Camera: Canon 350D, Sony W1 and OGS Canon Powershot A530

    Comments: When I was at your ages I was enjoying The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Sean Connery as James Bond and the young Clint Eastwood.

  4. My favourite is "Back in the USSR" by The Beatles. At the beginning and end of the song you can hear the sound of a plane landing. Since the song was recorded in 1967 there are two things mentioned in the song which don't exist anymore, so to speak. The first is USSR itself which as we all know has disintegrated. The second is BOAC which has become Brititish Airways.




  5. I

    So that's how it works. By any chance, can someone like Maarof Kassim for instance, upon knowing that he will be on a SV coded flight, make a plea to MAS Charter to be reassigned into MH coded flights?


    I am not sure whether we could do that. But for me the most important thing now is to get there. I leave the rest to Allah.

  6. I never thought of receiving so much information from fellow Malaysian Wing members. Thank you very much especially Dr. Naim and Capt. Nik H. I've been attending the serial, intensive and prime (Perdana) Hajj courses before this. (That explains my absence from plane spotting sessions).They were conducted by Tabung Haji and their mode of passing knowledge is similar to lectures and practicals you receive in lecture halls of learning institutions. But getting feedback from experienced but non TH people like both of you is a real bonus.

  7. Since we are in this thread I like to inform that I'll be going for my Hajj as follows :


    KT 17 (Batch 17)

    Check in time at Kelana Jaya Hajj Complex : 0230 hours 16th November 2007.

    Flight No. SV 5003, (that's Saudi Airlines I suppose) to Madinah.



    Return :


    Flight No. SV 5002 from Jeddah reporting at 1100 hours 29th December 2007.

    ETA at KUL 0040 hours 31st December 2008. Why the long gap in time I don't know.


    Hope to see any MW members at Kelana Jaya.


    I hope to document this pilgrimage as much as I possibly can and post the stories and photos here.


    Good luck guys.

  8. any map.~??? and it confirm already~???


    almost 2 year living in Negeri 9.. tak pernah pergi Rembau.. Seremban tahu laaa... gagagaga :rofl: :rofl:


    Confirmed I think. Read Utusan Malaysia yesterday (8 November 2007 - Deepavali Day).

    Ibrahim, from PD senang je (easy). Go south (Melaka way) from your Poly and look directions for the PLUS highway or Rembau town. Remember at Liggi town turn right (3 o'clock), otherwise you'll go to Seremban. Before Lubuk Cina turn left (9 o'clock) otherwise you'll end up in Melaka.


    Go below the actual highway at Pedas - Linggi interchange. Then look for directions to Rembau town.

    Now come the tricky part a bit. When you meet a simpang empat (with traffic lights I think) you can either proceed to Rembau town (3 o'clock) or Pedas town (12 o'clock). If you choose 3 o'clock, when you reach a T junction (with a traffic light I'm sure) turn left to Seremban. About 200 metres you'll meet another traffic light. There turn right to Chembong Industrial Park.

    If you choose 12 o'clock turn right to Rembau town the moment you reach the T jucntion near Pedas town (no traffic lights here AFAIK). Then turn left at the next traffic light.


    Happy spotting. I'll be away somewhere.

  9. Happy Hari Raya and Happy Balik Kampung, boys! It reminds me of my younger days when I had to fight for buses just to balik kampung.


    I read somewhere "The drive home from the airport is the most dangerous part of the journey". So don't be too joyful until you are really safe home.


    As for me now, since I am already a father and grandfather I don't balik kampung. My children and their children balik kampung (not a kampung actually) to me.

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