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  1. Long time no spotting. I went to the LCCT to send my wife to Bandung with her siblings. After saying farewell I went to Oscar Hotel after a lapse of months. Here are what I got.


    Taj Mahal.



    Sneeze tripple.






    Indonesian Air Asia. My wife is in the plane.



    First time seeing this MH 737 with winglet.


  2. Do I sense something similar here? A few days ago Sime Darby annoounced they were buying the National Heart Institute (IJN). The next day the men in power said 'No. Privatisation of the hospital will burden the man on the street'.


    Now the same Sime Darby are saying they are building their airport, a private one.


    Maybe in the next few days the same men in power will announce 'No, a private airport will burden the man on the street. We will develop KLIA instead'.


    We are facing a bye-election, remember.

  3. Sorry, now I know that the plane is touching down at Jeddah. Are the pilgrims going to Madinah or Makkah first?


    That's what I want to know. Normally ealier pilgrims will go to Madinah first. In this case some flights land directly at Madinah - like my case last year. Those who land at Jeddah will have to take the boring bus journey to Madinah. They will stay at Madinah for about eight days before going to Makkah by bus.


    Later pilgrims will go to Makkah after landing at Jeddah. They will go to Madinah by bus after performing their Haj. Whether they will return home from Madinah or Jeddah is a different question.

  4. Sorry Hj Maarof for missing out TH. In any Hajj scenario, TH's involvement is a given that is why its not mentioned. However, I am not aware of any significant foreign movement being handled by TH. Umrah yes, but Hajj I don't know.


    In Mina I met a few Singaporean pilgrims who came through our Tabung Haji. They must have embarked from Senai, Johor. Yes, being few they are not that significant. After all our authorities should take care of our people first, shoudn't we?





  5. Emm Capt, dont mind if I ask..Can we (mean Malaysian Operator) to handle Thai & Southern Thai Muslim/Pilgrim from/in Malaysia airport??


    We mentioned MH, MAB, the State Governments and the Federal Government. But nobody mentioned Tabung Haji, our own Hajj authority. Every year there were non-Malaysian pilgrims who performed the Hajj through our Tabung Haji. Mostly Singaporeans I was told. So opening the scope to Thais is possible, if it is not done already.


    Another thing to consider. Tabung Haji has plans to shift their Kelana Jaya complex to the LBJ area. This will ease the transit of pilgrims from domestic airports like AOR.

  6. I hope this TGG hajj flights will cut the crowding at KUL domestic terminal on the return flights. I dread thinking of arriving at the time the new hajis come out to meet the relatives. The crowding is just unbearable.

    I know the problems caused by relatives flocking to the airports to welcome their loved ones back from the Holy Land. But to really understand it you have to be a pilgrim yourself. To meet your loves ones after performing a Muslim's last ritual is beyond words.

  7. When MASCharter took over the Hajj movement of Hajj flights in 2003, the movements were divided into regions;


    BKI for Sabah, KCH for Sarawak in East Malaysia.

    For Peninsula, PEN serves the North West, JHB serves the South and KUL the central and East Coast.

    With TGG online, the Regions are complete. TGG will serve Kelantan, Terengganu and Northern Pahang. All Hajj de2parture points in Peninsula Malaysia are within 2 1/2 hours driving radius and as such, there will eventually be no requirements for 'feeder' flights.


    More pilgrims will enjoy savings as there will be less expenditure for departures and arrivals.

    When I did my Hajj last year I was put in group or KT 17. The majority of the pilgrims were from North Johor, Kelantan and Kedah. There were only four of us from Negeri Sembilan while they were pockets of people from KL, Selangor and Malacca. For me this mixed group was fun. But with TGG coming in it looks like much of the fun will be gone. Capt. Nik, does the situation change for Saudi (HZ) flights too?

  8. For the first time in the history of the Hajj services by Malaysia Airlines, direct flights will be operated between Sultan Mahmud Airport in Kuala Terengganu and Jeddah.


    Pilgrims performing the Tamattu' Hajj will have to travel by bus from Jeddah to Madinah. This is a boring bus trip.

  9. Sorry for being late. Last Sunday 13th July I intended to photograph the derailed goods train near Kuala Sawah, Rantau, Seremban. But I was refused entry by the KTM Police. So I went to KLIA instead.


    First shot, Carlolux. Reminds me of the Beatles White Album.



    My first Williams



    Also my first large fonted AK



    Long time no see Yemenia



    Also long time no Ladang spotting. After this Eva I felt really scared. Then I went to Weather Station to join Jon Kong and Norman. But had to leave early due to the rain.




  10. bukan itu saja,boleh beli kapal terbang baru,buat pelaburan sana sini,duit orang tak boleh bayar,ceo airasia not really professional guys,macam budak-budak nak debate dengan jala...kelakarlah :rofl: lepas tu buat kecoh dalam tv3 news pasal mh,pasal kerajaan unfair kat dia,mana boleh ak nak sama apa yang mh dapat.mh dah 61 tahun dalam business aviation,lagi 1 pasal nak terbang more ke singapore?nampak sangat! macam orang tua tua cakap,dah kasi tangan nak peha puak..bulayanlah airasia... :yahoo:

    Trying to translate in laymen's lingo:


    not only that, can buy new aeroplaplanes, invest here and there, cannot pay other people's money, ceo airasia.........guys, acting like a child in wanting a debate with Idris Jala, what a joke :rofl: after that creating havoc in tv3 news about MH, that the government is unfair to them, how can you get the same treatment like what MH gets, they had been in the aviation business for 61 years, now they want more flights to S'pore, like the old saying (lierally - given the hand now you want the thigh...don't entertain AK.... :yahoo:


    Sorry if I got them wrong.

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