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  1. There was a rumor saying that a senior f/o put some pictures on the internet and was 'downgraded' to Junior f/o status in ANA IIRC.

    I believed LeeCh's thread was deleted some time around that incident few years back..

    correct me if im wrong just trying to recall whatever I 'remember' :pardon:


    TK, glad to see the thread being revived. Great shots as always and keep up the good job please :drinks:

  2. it says "Just before liftoff, the tyre beneath the right wing burst."

    I don't really get it. It bursts while taking off, and they did continue the journey?

    I mean how would they know it was merely tyre bursting and it didn't harm any other parts of the aircraft?

  3. Glad to meet some of you guys in SZB. I recognized a few familiar faces who appeared in some of the group photos here before..

    and Ian i was surprised that you could actually recognize me! Anyways I was the 'men-in-black' guy with Tajul. :drinks:

    Spotting in black is defnitely a bad idea..as it was an impromptu one :lol:


    and if anyone happens to pass by skypark today, the C-32B and our 9M-MXA are parked together there for the event with Hillary Clinton :good:

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