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  1. On my recent flight on MH1426 KUL-KBR 21 December, I braced myself for a bumpy ride. However it was not so until it was time to land at WMKC!


    I was in for the scariest landing ever. I found myself actually gripping the handrests... heheh.


    Like you had described, just before touchdown, the aircraft could be felt swaying left and right.





    yaa..it happened to me last night,i can say the flight was ok until the a/c approached wmkc...wooo..bumpy2...everythg was shaken...i could only see the airport on final...



    great Cpt.Radzi...i saw this plane b4 when i did some 'lepak' at the airport with my aviation-fan friends...n had KFC for luch that day,hehe :lol:


    i noticed there are smtg suspicuos at the end of rnw 10...hohoho...its ILS if i'm not mistake,i'm now very proud of WMKC...kua2


    few day past...i saw 2 light aircraft doing low flight at the same time...maybe da training aircraft...n now the a/c also do fly near my 'kampung' airspace... B) :p


    my uncle said Asian Pacific school is ethier belong to Dato' Farouk or his brother n bla bla...got any info abt this people?

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