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  1. Oh my...never thought I would win the 1st prize! I was hoping for the 2nd place...I wanted the model actually! Wow...I have never been to Korea and winning a ticket on KE!!! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!!! Big thanks to Leong for making this contest known to all, had he not...I wouldn't know about it! Thanks Leong!!!!


    Congrats and happy birthday cikgu......

  2. Suspension of Kuala Lumpur - Dhaka (Bangladesh) flights


    AirAsia would like to inform all guests and partners that the following flights will be suspended indefinitely effective 1 July 2011:


    ◦AK148 from Kuala Lumpur - Dhaka

    ◦AK149 from Dhaka - Kuala Lumpur


    This is a quote from AK website....i thought that this route was one of AK's cash cow....just my 2 cents


    p/s : MOD please remove this post if its wrongly posted.....

  3. hey, i wash my undie/socks every night whenever i travel. always fresh set every day, lol! hotel room aircon can dry clothes very fast overnight.

    get the light fabric case bag. you already wear one set of clothes, so just carry another set in the bag. add shorts, t-shirts, sarong, and you're done. basic toiletries/medicines. no need to carry too much stuff. the art of traveling light.


    well said sir.....done this in all my travelling days......

  4. i was on PH-BVD last Saturday to CGK....according to the crews they are doing a shuttle service between KUL-CGK until they can proceed to AMS. The flight will stay overnite in KUL. The flight experience was still great even with no earphones and only basic catering bcoz the crew said they didn't have any fresh supplies due to the plane that cannot return to AMS.


    p/s: now in CGK waiting for return flight to KUL with KL 810.....

  5. Great aircraft display at the Singapore Airshow 2010...


    I'm impressed with Garuda newest B738NG. New interior with IFE in each seats and a very warm welcome from the crew with some freebies from them.


    New Executive Class





    New Economy Class



    Series of picture of myself and the lovely cabin crews :rolleyes:



    FA Frida



    FA Maya



    p/s : sorry for the photo quality....all photos are credit to MWingers RAF...

  6. Did not do the air show yesterday in Singapore but bumped into Firdaus & Sofian on the Jetstar night flight home. Great to meet you guys! :good:


    Missed Pieter & Mai who were out spotting ... ah well, see you ppl next June then.


    Great to met u also doc....had a nice warm day in Singapore and a nice 45 minutes delayed sitting in the plane....what was the caused...traffic congested in KUL?

  7. Juz get these email from jetstar....changes of itinerary....whoever in this flight will arrive KUL later....dont know either good news or bad news....


    Jetstar is sorry to inform you that since you made your booking, your flight schedule has been changed. We understand it can be frustrating when plans change, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. While we try to avoid any changes to our timetable, in this instance it was unavoidable. The change to the schedule has been made so we can maximise our aircraft utilisation and continue to offer you everyday low fares.


    Your New Itinerary


    Flight Date: 06Feb10

    Flight Number: 3K 684

    Departing: Kuala Lumpur 08:50

    Arriving: Singapore 09:45


    Flight Date: 06Feb10

    Flight Number: 3K 687

    Departing: Singapore 20:20

    Arriving: Kuala Lumpur 21:15

  8. Obviously. Who wants to spend almost an entire day on a bus that's driven at ludicrous speed when you can fly and spend more time at your destination doing the things you want to do. And it's less tiring to go by air...


    Totally agreed....Just spent a boring 6 hours bus ride from KL to SIN and another 6 hours back to KL to watched Liverpool in action yesterday. Should ditch the bus and took the plane......

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