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  1. On my personal view, I think MH and AK should cooperate more to benefit consumers.


    Since AK is also operating D7, why not start to codeshare with stratergic partner? AK codeshares with D7, so there is no need to disembark, check out, check in again, when D7 launch the kangaroo route flight.


    AK can also codeshare with MH so that they have more frequency to aussie and uk. Isn't it sounds better for both airlines and consumers?

  2. Yup LeeCH, took the words right outta my mouth you did !

    My guess is all the surcharges now being imposed will offset some part of the costs incurred in flying this 30% of otherwise non-existant pax load


    Looks like we're heading to having two Malaysian LCC's slogging it out on pricing - what a waste of resources. An exercise in futility whilst the two CEO's have their private egoistic duel :(


    In the meantime, it's likely the neighbouring competitors are going :rofl: :rofl: and :yahoo:


    I dont really agree with you bro. Think again, when MH sold seats for rocket high prices, the people complaint about the sky high price. When MAS slash fares and sell them out, people says MAS became LCC. Majority of the Malaysians have low disposable income, that's why AK works! MH is following the suit because for the domestic sector, MH has to suit the local demand low price instead of premium price with low restrictions.

  3. I'm always delighted to see the immigration and customs officers. They are very polite and friendly. When I came back from overseas, my passport always gives me problem at the autogate. I was directed to the counters. While they are doing the processing, they tend to have a short chat with me which really impress me. Even tHong Kong Airport immigration officers are not that friendly. They have fake smile.

  4. Hi, i'm currently expanding Malaysia Airlines's article in Wikipedia. I need information on MH's crew uniform history, how does the uniform reflects Malaysia identity, the colours, training. I would be glad if anyone can provided me with factual information. the best you include the source, if dont have source, just give me the info you have. THANKS! Btw, I also need MH's branding statergies for the past few years. :help:

  5. As Jetstar will be providing connecting service on kangaroo route, baggage sorting and on time arrival and departure is critical. It won’t be a surprise that SIN may promise to upgrade the budget terminal for Jetstar hub.


    If MAHB submit to AK demand to build another bare bone LCCT, doubt KUL can attract other LCC to have their hub here.




    Jetstar is using satellite terminal in KL, so there is minimal effect on KUL being one of the proposed Jetstar hub. Furthermore, the current LCCT is built on LCC's operations model, where it does not includes transiting.

  6. I'm interested to know too. Did you know that we can apply for the Singapore Airlines American Express KrisFlyer Gold Credit Card here in Malaysia ? If i'm not mistaken, the first year annual fee is waived and you'll have to start paying RM270 thereafter. The Singapore Airlines American Express KrisFlyer Gold Credit Card is issued by MayBank.


    I think the main issue with AMEX in Malaysia is that many merchants do not accept AMEX. Most of the time it's either Visa or MasterCard.


    You are wrong, AMEX is widely accepted in Malaysia.

  7. MH should have a backup booking system. EK face the same problem, they have no backup system when they launch the new engine.MH should have a backup booking system. EK face the same problem, they have no backup system when they launch the new engine. Moreover, i saw an article saying that MH is going to revamp the webpage, just wait patiently

  8. Do Thai, Cathay and SIA serve snackboxes? Probably not. But at the same time they are making a decent sum of money, being stable financially.


    The same can't be said of MAS.


    I don't think its fair to blame IJ for everything when in fact he is just doing his job to bring the company back into the black.


    Admittedly he is doing some crazy cost cutting, and I don't like it, but what would you have done different?


    Personally, I think MAS should work better with Air Asia, instead of trying to compete crazily. The same thing Singapore does.


    TG and CX serve meal boxes on their regional routes..less than 3 hours

  9. This is the mail i emailed to MH :(


    Good day,


    I have some comments on Malaysia Airlines.


    Firstly, I seriously thinks that Malaysia Airlines is going down hill day by day. One important point to support my view is the axing of some routes and reduced frequency. Malaysia Airlines should focus on premium passengers and not leisure based passengers. Premium passengers needs frequency & service. Take KUL-DXB as an example, MH is flying to Dubai with A330, a very poor product on both Economy and Business. EK is flying with B777-300ER, with excellent product on both Y class and J class. Moreover, the frequency of MH is just 7 times weekly with onward flights to IST. But EK is flying 9 times weekly to KUL without any onward flight, and ever since EK started serving KUL, EK is making money and ever expanding. Moreover, MH has been serving Zurich for 19 odd years, and never tell me MH never made a single sen on this route? If it is, why SQ is adding one more flight to ZRH while MH is pulling out? I believe this route is definitely profitable provided there is enough frequency. SQ never adds another flight without proper research. Back on topic, your can simply reply me with the message, WE ARE SHORTAGE OF PLANE, that's not the way. In order for MH to look profitable after the BTP, MH sold planes. That's why your are shortage of planes for increased frequency. Furthermore, lets bring LHR and EWR into topic. LHR is definitely profitable if MH can manage well. While other airlines are asking for slots at LHR, MH is lowering its frequency. Too bad for Malaysia airlines if they still wants to serve many destinations, but with low frequency. SIA is adding another flight to Sydney, MH used to be the leader in Australasia market, but now it seems more and more airlines are taking over. MH just needs frequency to build up a strong brand. Although for the past few years MH is loss making, but it has successfully built up a brand, creating a benchmark in service excellency. Not for now.


    MH has long talking about purchasing new planes, press release says MH will decide by December 2007, yet till today, no news from MH. If MH still wants to stick to 5 Star Airline with LCC cost, i felt sorry for MH, MH is planning for a suicide. Even now i wouldn't want to take MH on regional routes. MH no longer serve hot meals anymore, and service drops, MH is not at par with other international brands like SQ, TG, EK and EY, last time I so proud of MH as they are among the best in the world, but not now anymore. I can see MH takes those awards granted, for example the best cabin crew award & 5 Star Airline. MH uses them as advertising gimmick but not for internal motivation so that MH can always having the Best Cabin Crew and a 5 Star Airline.




    I wish to receive reply from anyone concerned. Moreover, I would be glad if this mail can be forwarded to Idris Jala, since he always said he is open to comments. I am extremely depressed as no replies has been made to me no matter how many comments and suggestions has been made. Sad Case.


    P.S. Mr Idris Jala, you are no longer where you operate O&G company where service is not important, you are running an REPUTABLE Airline



  10. See:http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6138947

    The photo stated 9M-MKI, taken in Nov-07. It shows PTV in Y.


    Is this correct?


    (1) I noticed that the curtains still have the pattern used by Sabena although the seat fabric is MH standard.


    (2) In front of the curtains, the seats appear to protude into the aisle, suggesting biz class seats, meaning the foreground shows the first Y cabin.


    (3) The only somewhat visible seat number(s) is 29 D,E. On the 332, this is the last middle-seat row of the first Y cabin. On the 333, 29DE is the first row of the 2nd Y cabin, with toilets right infront of them.


    (4) Lastly in the era (or "error" if you like) of snackboxes in Y, I doubt MH would spend to upgrade the Y cabin of its A333. In fact, an MH survey revealeded that "93% of our customers stated their preference for day-dreaming or reading newspapers as opposed to watching any videos whilst onboard our 5-star-service-at-LCC-cost flights."


    I think this may actually be one of the A330-200s, which means the aircraft type and regn, as per photo, is incorrect.


    What do you think?


    Its A320, i've been on this plane to KMG

  11. [[[something to think about]]]


    Although I live in Australia, I have not forgotten my roots. I'm a Malaysian at heart. And it pains me to see the emptiness of KLIA when we compare it to neighbouring rivals like Suvarnabhumi, Changi and Chep Lap Kok. KLIA is a world-class facility.




    - Passenger traffic is not very convincing

    - Very mediocre and average number of airlines flying into KLIA

    - The bigger players are abandoning KLIA for BKK, SIN, HKG. Namely, Qantas, British Airways (they might reinstate flights though), United Airlines, Air France, ANA, Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Turkish Airlines. Man, the list goes on and on and on and on.


    It would be such a pleasant sight to see more planes and airlines flooding the KLIA. Of course, we would prefer the bigger airlines too.


    I flew back to KUL around early-mid December to visit my family for the holidays. When I arrived at the airport, I was devastated by the emptiness and air of silence inside KLIA, what most people regard as one of the best airports in the world.


    I think MAHB and the Malaysian Tourism Board ought to double or even triple their current efforts if they really intend to keep up with their fellow competitors. It is noticable that the number of flights into KLIA are gradually increasing, but at a very, very slow pace. At this rate, KLIA wont be able to keep up with other airports. That, I assure everyone.


    I hope, in two or three years time, when I make my next visit to KUL, the KLIA will shape into a much busier airport. It has alot of potential. KLIA has a beautiful facade and it is situated in a fantastic location, where ample room is available as far as development and improvement is concerned. But it is up to the airport officials to make full use of this opportunity. If we claim that MAHB is doing a good job at the moment, that is not enough. Everyone else is doing an even better job. In order to finish ahead of your competitors, you simply need to be outstanding.


    Well, I have made my point clear.


    I look forward to all your comments and questions.


    However, just for your information, KLIA's design is meant to disperse human traffic so you would feel comfortable unlike LHR.

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