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  1. some coverage on the static displays



    and this, the BIGGEST surprise of the day,an f-16D Block 52 from RSAF!!what a surprise it was, never thought id see this plane up close like this :yahoo:



    LIMA 2011 has made Iwan a very happy guy :D :D :D



    agreed!!! i also at lost of words when i saw this on the tarmac....

    really had a big crush on this now.. :)



  2. MIR-san


    thanks for the photos... and i'm in love with the new special tail-art on that MIG-29N... hopefully some will come out with a decal for it...

    and another impressive photo of the flying MIG-29NUB (2-seater) its been a while since i last saw a photo of the TUDM MIG-29 2-seater...


    Hopefully i'll be there on the 10th... anymore photos?



  3. @all reply

    - thanks guys for the much needed input... very informative indeed.

    - will try to digest all the info and will let you guys know what the outcome will be.



    - Thanks for the first hand experience with this.

    - i also heard a lot about MH experience in handling people with special need and most of them is a very good experience. But i havent heard anything yet from other carrier.


    - as for the aerobridge, i'm not sure if Firefly in PEN used aerobridge? IIRC last time i need to walk to the stairs on to the tarmac to get to the plane... this could prove to be very challenging OKU person.


    - i did a few checking on the ticket via www.airasia.com and found that they have a "Special Assistance" button below the booking page that goes something like this..


    Do you have any special needs? Yes No


    Please contact the call centre 48 hours before flight departure if you require assistance.

    AirAsia can carry only a maximum of 8 guests per flight who have reduced mobility* provided that quadraplegic guests are limited to not more than 4 per flight. Under certain circumstances we may require the guest to travel with a companion.


    * 'reduced mobility' refers to paraplegic or quadriplegic guests.


    Failure to notify us of assistance needed will result in the service being unavailable upon your arrival at the airport and you being refused carriage. For health and safety reasons guests with specific requirements must check-in at the airport.


    note the bold sentences, i really do hope they can provide some assistance to the person accompanying the OKU person. But they didnt say exactly how they wanted us to store or keep the wheelchair? i really hope that they would do it the same as what isaac describe above.


    thanks for all the input guys... if anyone got anymore suggestion do add in here... it will be a few more days until i booked the flight ticket. and i guess i also need to be calling their Call Center to clarify this matter.


    and AK now have a direct flight to JB from PEN which i think is a very good news indeed. :D


    thanks in advance guys..



  4. :pardon:


    as the topic said...


    i just wondering.. since i'm going to buy a ticket for my 75 years old grandmother to go to JB from Penang (she wanted to go to her daughter house there) of she'll have another adult with her for the trip...


    my question being...

    1. what about the wheelchair? will they folded it and bring it onboard? or she have to be seated on the wheelchair the whole trip while the wheelchair been strapped to the floor?

    2. Will they be able to help her on & off the aircraft (of course the accompaniying adult would help but an extra hand would be most welcomed) :D

    3. Or need to use the airline wheelchair while dumping her own wheelchair in the cargo?


    does anyone have any experience with this? can share the thought?


    thanks in advance :good:



  5. yup.. there are ferry services from Penang Port near that Fort Cornwalis there... and


    try to cut down the amount of time u spend on the ferry, it might spoil your day. I know there are ferries from Penang Island straight to Langkawi on normal days.


    spending 2.5hours ferry ride from Penang is something i dont really looking forward to... thats the reason i'm willing to drive all the way to Kuala Kedah and get a ferry there instead... 1.5 hours is much better then 2.5hrs :D


    that just me.... i dont want to reach LIMA 2007 with a pounding headache due to the sea sickness...


    again it just me.. :D



  6. regarding LIMA 2007...


    question to those already attended it before,..

    i'm planning to go there on December 8, 2007...

    1. what time des the exhibition hall opens

    2. will there be any charge to enter the hall? i read somewhere in an earlier post tey charge us RM50-60 to enter the hall?

    3. What about to enter the tarmac for the static aircraft display? still need to pay?


    i'm planning to go there via Kuala Kedah and take an early ferry there and due to be back to the main land at around 4pm...


    thanks in advance



  7. my first post here.. :)


    - so with roughly around 61 days to LIMA 2007, have the organizer finalized the line-up of aircraft that's due to make an appearance? or have they even update their site with the latest line-up...

    - anyone got any news?


    planning to make a day trip on the 8th, but waiting to see the line-up first, :D



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