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Azman MN

It's spring in ZRH!

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azman....long time bro.....


ZRH never haze aah? weather is crystal. here, sky in ampang can be crystal but when reaching klia, weather can be so grey in color that nippon paint hasn't got a name for it yet. . u lucky man!

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TK, Just came back from Joberg, Milo supply ok. African Milo boleh lah...


But running low on the Kicap Tamin.... but will be back in KL end-november to re-stock for winter! :good:


Yes, 30mm shots! But back lit!! :sorry: :sorry: :angry: :angry:


IPB Image


IPB Image


IPB Image


Ground shaking +strong winds when this one went by! Woo hoo!

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Ground shaking +strong winds when this one went by! Woo hoo!


17/11 ZRH-SIN SQ345; 23/11 SIN-KUL SQ???; 26/11 KUL-SIN SQ???; 26/11 SIN-ZRH SQ346


Good to see you went to the X-runway visitor's spot again :good:

So, you'll fly this SQ Queen of the Skies in about 3 weeks ? :huh:


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Yes Pieter, last chance to sample old Raffles Class. Hope next year's trip to OZ will be on new Business Class!


The driver chased my tour group onto the bus, so the pic is a bit bluish thru the bus window. These other guys in the pics from a different group are luckier... 30mm... no crop!

IPB Image



rare one in ZRH

IPB Image


We have haze too...

IPB Image


ZRH is a good place for R&R even if you are not a spotter....

IPB Image

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Hi Azman, nice to see your creative and lovely photos again.

The sunflowers shoots are :clapping:


The El Al plane is so clean :blink:


30mm ? I must get myself a wide angle lens next time before going there for spotting. :lol:



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Reviving this old thread :D


On the very last day of our Europe trip, we decided to have a brief aircraft spotting session at Zurich-Kloten airport in Switzerland before our flight back to Singapore. On weekends, landings are only conducted on runway 34 from 6am to 9am except in cases of exceptionally strong cross or tail wind as part of the noise abatement procedures.


Shall skip straight to the pictures as Azman had shown how good it is to spot at Zurich with his excellent posts and pictures:)


Thai Airways A340-600 HS-TNC arriving in the brilliant early morning sunshine. As Zurich is located in a the middle of a valley, it can be a challenge to get good weather during one's visit. The weather conditions also change quickly throughout the day.



A familiar sight in a foreign land. Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKC on final approach for runway 34 as SQ346 from Singapore. She would later turnaround to operate my flight back to Singapore.



Delta Airlines B767-300ER N153DL. All the US airlines that operate into Zurich uses this highly versatile aircraft.



US Airways B767-200ER N245AY on final approach in less than desirable lighting conditions.



Lufthansa B737-300 D-ABEM from Frankfurt.



KLM Cityhopper ERJ-190-100 PH-EZH departing on an early morning flight to AMS...dedicated to Pieter. I miss the old Fokkers!



Edelweiss A320 HB-IHZ soon followed suit. The company's aircraft feature the Edelweiss flower prominently in its livery.



Air Berlin A319 HB-IOY still retains the company's old livery when this photograph was taken.



Swiss Intl Airlines RJ100 HB-IYU with a Star Alliance special scheme.



Swiss Intl Airlines A319 HB-IPT taxiies out on another morning flight.



Helvetic operates a fleet of Fokker 100, such as HB-JVC as photographed below.



Adria Airways CRJ-900 S5-AAL from Ljubljana (the capital city of Slovenia).



HB-IZG Saab 2000 operated by Darwin Airlines.



After entering the restricted area (but before immigration and security formalities due to the interesting terminal layout as a result of the Schengen agreement), it is possible to spot at the large glass windows located in between the A and B pier.


The A pier is currently used to handle Schengen flights to intra-EU destinations. Austrian Airlines A319 OE-LDG 'Tbilisi' pushing back for her flight to Vienna.



A close-up of the nose of Swiss Intl Airlines A320 HB-IJD.



In addition, one can also obtain decent shots of heavies departing from runway 16.


United Airlines B767-300ER N656UA in the carrier's latest livery with Continental base colours and United titles.



One of my personal favourites from this spotting session - American Airlines B767-300ER N381AN with blended winglet modification. It was also my very first time personally seeing and photographing an AA aircraft.



Swiss Intl Airlines A330-300 HB-JHD departing from runway 16.



One last photo to share...taken from the aerobridge while boarding my flight. Montenegro Airlines Fokker 100 4O-AOL.



Thanks for reading! :drinks:

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Thanks a lot for including the KLC E190, and the dedication... :pardon:


Probably, I've assigned this aircraft to this flight myself; glad you liked this beauty...for the Fokkers, you should visit AMS one day, but don't wait too long: the 100's will leave the fleet late 2012 and the 70's will start leaving KLC's fleet from March 2013 (and will take to the end of 2015 before all 26 are gone)...

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Was in Zurich for a couple of days and I managed to visit the Observation Deck before leaving ZRH.

One cannot be mistaken of ones current whereabouts from here.



This shot alone made the 5 CHF I paid worth every franc.



Ukraine International Airlines, another first for me.



The plane that brought the Olympic flame to London.



A closeup of the 'feathers'.



Some pictures of the observation deck.



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