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Thanks MAR for the stats. KLIA registered the highest positive percentage change (+18.6%) among all. Congrats to KLIA! Seems like MH, OD and AK Group are contributing a lot to this rise. Not to mention the numerous new airlines which started their service to KLIA last year.

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Super duper happy...KLIA is among the highest growth in traffic passenger in 2013!!

KLIA recorded 47,496,800 for 2013, an increment of 19.09% with 32,957,600 intl and 14,539,200 dom pax

Source: MAHB

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The final figures for a complete full year of 2013.




This is the highest number ever recorded by KLIA in history. With 19.1% growth recorded, KLIA is now undoubtedly the big airport with the highest growth rate in the world (higher than Dubai, higher than Istanbul, higher than anyone else). KLIA added almost 5 million passengers in December 2013 alone.


Domestic flights within Malaysia are definitely sky rocketing. We are now talking about 15 million domestic passengers per annum. I still recall doing the arm chair analysis in this thread (way back in the earlier pages) where the domestic market seemed saturated at around 10 million passengers.


With such a high number posted, and the imminent affirmative opening of KLIA2, I believe KLIA can sustain or even better the growth in 2014. Should KLIA is able to maintain the same growth as in 2013, we are looking at at least 57 million passengers in 2014 (!!!). How crazy is that having in mind that KLIA was struggling to pass the 30 million passengers mark and was stuck at 20+ million passengers for 6 years (2004 - 2009).


Apart from the massive growth in passengers movement, KLIA is also recorded an amazing number in the aircraft movement segment.




We are now looking at 330,000+ aircraft movements per year.


2014 is going to be a busy year with BIG numbers.


Now waiting for the Annual Report for the detailed statistics.

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Yes indeed, maybe once KLIA2 opens for "real", we might see KLIA (Satellite B being planned and it my another ten years or so to be built because "planning" has to be done and pockets will be deep before they even open. :clapping:

Edited by kandiah k

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AirAsia Group reports (10-Feb-2014) the following traffic highlights for the 12 months ended Dec-2013:

  • AirAsia Group*:
    • Passenger numbers: 42.6 million, +25% year-on-year;
    • Seats: 54 million, +26%;
    • Load factor: 79%, stable;
    • Size of fleet at month end^: 154;
  • Malaysia AirAsia:
    • Passenger numbers: 21.9 million, +11%;
    • Seats: 27.3 million, +10%;
    • Load factor: 80%, stable;
    • Size of fleet at month end^: 72;
  • Thai AirAsia:
    • Passenger numbers: 10.5 million, +26%;
    • Seats: 12.6 million, +25%;
    • Load factor: 83%, +1.0 ppts;
    • Size of fleet at month end^: 35;
  • Indonesia AirAsia:
    • Passenger numbers: 7.9 million, +34%;
    • Seats: 10.3 million, +36%;
    • Load factor: 76%, -1.0 ppts;
    • Size of fleet at month end^: 30;
  • Philippines AirAsia**:
    • Passenger numbers: 2.2 million, +615%;
    • Seats: 3.5 million, +540%;
    • Load factor: 63%, +7 ppts;
    • Size of fleet at month end^:17.


source : http://centreforaviation.com/news/airasia-group-pax-numbers-up-25-to-426m-in-2013-load-factor-stable-at-79-306861

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Thank you for the table. But such a shame the transit passengers number is not included since it is integral in determining the total passengers movement number globally.


Based on this:



2013 was the year of double digit growths of four major airports in Malaysia. :)


we could expect a lot of nice surprises from other airports in Malaysia.

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The ranking of Malaysia's busiest airport in 2012 by passengers traffic (for airports that handled more than 1 million passengers only) [except JHB which is privately owned]:


  1. KUL - 39,887,866 (+5.8%)
  2. BKI - 5,848,135 (+0.7%)
  3. PEN - 4,767,815 (+3.6%)
  4. KCH - 4,186,523 (-2.3%)
  5. MYY - 2,018,415 (+8.7%)
  6. LGK - 1,594,106 (+5.9%)
  7. SZB - 1,442,514 (+9.3%)
  8. KBR - 1,259,205 (+11.2%)
  9. SBW - 1,204,267 (+6.3%)

The next 3 airports in the ranking are:

10. TWU - 982,153 (+6.5%)

11. SDK - 834,626 (+5.8%)

12. BTU - 661,553 (+12.1%)


Based on the numbers, TWU looks all set to break into the 1 million club in 2013.


I am not sure how significant is the transit passengers numbers are (as in the case of KLIA, the figure reported by MAHB is 47,498,157 vs the figure reported by MoT 47,143,539 = 354,618 transit passengers?) but based on what we had so far:


  • Miri is now bigger than JB.
  • Could Kota Kinabalu final figure with the transit pax reaches 7 million? (1.186 x 5,848,135 = 6,935,888)
  • Penang (1.151 x 4,767,815 = 5,487,755)
  • Kuching (1.164 x 4,186,523 = 4,873,113)
  • We now have at least 4 airports in the +- 2 million club - Miri, Langkawi, JB and Subang.
  • Congrats to Tawau for breaking into the 1 million pax club!

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Johor Bahru's major number of increasement due to OD flight from KUL and BKI and they cancelled few months later.

Did some table for the figures.

Awesome for Johor Bahru and Tawau airport increment!



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MAHB released its Annual Report 2013 on 26 February 2014.



As I always anticipating, our annual drill.


The official ranking of Malaysia's busiest airports in 2013 by passengers traffic (for airports that handled more than 1 million passengers only):


  1. KUL - 47,498,157 (+19.1%)
  2. BKI - 6,935,797 (+18.6%)
  3. PEN - 5,487,751 (+15.1%)
  4. KCH - 4,871,036 (+16.4%)
  5. MYY - 2,223,172 (+10.1%)
  6. JHB - 1,977,325 (+43.66%) - Excludes transit passengers movement. JHB is privately owned.
  7. LGK - 1,946,440 (+22.1%)
  8. SZB - 1,859,020 (+28.9%)
  9. KBR - 1,585,238 (+25.9%)
  10. SBW - 1,383,887 (+14.9%)
  11. TWU - 1,202,344 (+22.4%)

Some notes to share:

  • Malaysia now has 11 airports (!!!) that handle more than 1 million passengers annually.
  • The growth rate of almost all airports in the country in 2013 has been phenomenal with very high double digit numbers.
  • Top 5 airports with the highest growth - JHB (+43.66%), Pangkor (42.4%), SZB (28.9%), TGG (27%) and KBR (25.9%).
  • KUL's passengers movement is the highest ever recorded in history and is set to surpass the 50 million mark in 2014.
  • Ranking 2 to 4. The position of BKI, PEN and KCH remains and it seems that there will not be any more overtaking between these 3 (especially between PEN and KCH) as all are distancing themselves quite comfortably and their growth rates are rather uniform as well.
  • Ranking 5 to 8. This is actually the most interesting part in the ranking as all 4 airports are within the 2 million mark, with very little passengers movement difference among them. Expect intense rivalry in 2014.
  • TWU being the newcomer to the ranking was the biggest surprise of the year. Should it maintains its high growth figure, it can easily beat SBW in 2015.
  • The next 3 airports in the ranking are:

12. SDK - 911,855 (9.3%)

13. BTU - 779,774 (17.9%)

14. LBU - 738,769 (19.7%)

  • Only 3 airports recorded a decline in growth - Melaka, Tioman and Mulu. Melaka is the worst performing airport in the country (-37%).
  • MAHB forecasts a 9.7% growth of passengers movement in 2014, which is extremely conservative given what has been achieved in 2013
  • What to expect in 2014:
  1. KUL breaks into the 50 million passengers mark. Minimum traffic is (1.097 x 47,498,157) 52,105,478 but I think the opening of klia2 even if it is delayed to a later date than 2 May 2014 will push KUL's growth rate to more than 20%. I predict KUL to record more than 57 million passengers in 2014.
  2. BKI to surpass the 7 million passengers mark, which it narrowly missed in 2013.
  3. KCH to surpass the 5 million passengers mark, joining PEN in the club.
  4. JHB, LGK and SZB to surpass the 2 million passengers mark.
  5. SDK to join the 1 million club as the 12th member.

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Looks like MAHB is not expecting klia2 to contribute much growth in 2014. That does imply that it will only open late in the year, and not on 2 May.

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Busiest destinations to/fro KLIA in 2013 (with passengers movement of more than 500,000). This will give an idea of which city is most important to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia in general:




1. Singapore - 3,437,781 (+10.5%)

2. Jakarta - 2,029,119 (+10.1%)

3. Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi + Don Mueang) - 2,006,567

4. Hong Kong - 1,515,265 (+15.8%)

5. Denpasar Bali - 958,957 (+22.5%)


6. Ho Chi Minh City - 879,394 (+19.9%)

7. Taipei - 837,890 (+20.5%)

8. Melbourne - 793,506 (+24.9%)

9. Dubai - 771,960 (+22.3%)

10. Phuket - 731,490 (27.2%)


11. Guangzhou - 693,201 (13.9%)

12. Medan (Kuala Namu + Polonia) - 676,889

13. Sydney - 661,844 (+30.6%)

14. Surabaya - 620,743 (+19.1%)

15. London - 619,849 (+27.4%)


16. Shanghai - 613,309 (+60.9%)

17. Tokyo (Haneda + Narita) - 605,877

18. Manila - 598,644 (+41.2%)

19. Dhaka - 584,428 (+31%)

20. Seoul - 581,770 (+2.8% )


21. Beijing - 544,999 (+39.9%)


Some notes to share:

  • There are 21 cities with movements of more than 500,000 in 2013. In 2012, the number is only 15.
  • Newcomers to the ranking - London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Manila, Dhaka and Beijing.
  • Bangkok numbers are split into 2 since the AirAsia Group relocated to Don Mueang from Suvarnabhumi.
  • Medan numbers are split into 2 as well since Kuala Namu replaced Polonia.
  • Beijing number increases since D7 dumped Tianjin in favour of PEK.
  • Haneda recorded a growth of 30.8% while Narita recorded a growth of 18.1%. In essence it says D7 is doing better than MH and JL.
  • Middle East Big 3 threat - AUH (+22.3%), DOH (+10.2%) and DXB (+22.3%).
  • There was no more passengers movement from Marshad and Shiraz. I guess Mahan Air is no longer flying from this cities to KUL.
  • No movement from Moscow either. I guess Transaero is no longer in KUL.
  • MH's A380 catapulted LHR into the ranking. Traffic increased by a massive 27.4%.
  • Almost made it into the ranking - Perth (498,663), Chennai (492,277) and Jeddah (442,291).

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Is there any source to have busiest domestic route by passengers/ number of flights?

Wondering why MAHB doesnt want to release the figure...

Edited by Wong Y. K.

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MAHB Passenger movements: January 2014


Malaysia Airports recorded strong, all-around growth of 25.8% in passenger movements for January 2014 over the same period in 2013, registering 6.97 million passenger movements. The traffic performance is a record high for January. The highest traffic achieved in the past was 5.54 million in January last year. The record growth achieved in 2013 continued its momentum through January considering the traffic surpassed eight months movements in 2013 which were already high. Moving forward, the preliminary summer and winter schedule offerings remain buoyant.

International passengers registered 3.48 million, representing 21.7% increase year-on-year, while domestic passengers recorded 30.1% growth to register a total of 3.49 million passengers for the month. The increase was contributed by the shift of Chinese New Year that fell in January this year compared to February in 2013, sound traffic performance by new airlines which began operation last year, aggressive route and capacity expansion of local carriers, oneworld effect, competitive air fares, and VMY 2014 campaign. Encouragingly, all primary group of airlines including foreign carriers recorded double digit growth.
KLIA Passenger movements: January 2014
KLIA passenger movements increased by 24.2% to 4.23 million passenger movements compared to January 2013. International passengers grew by 22.8% whilst domestic passengers grew by 27.7%. KLIA Main Terminal passenger volume continued last year’s high growth by 29% to 2.24 million whilst KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal grew commendably by 19.2% handling 1.99 million passengers in January 2014. The balanced passenger growth at both KLIA Main Terminal Building and KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal is a positive development that will spearhead KLIA’s long-term sustainable growth.
MAHB Cargo Movements
Cargo movements registered 10% increase over January 2013, reaching 78,283 metric tonnes. International cargo movements recorded positive growth of 14%, while domestic sector experience a decrease of 5.4%. The double digit growth in cargo especially the international sector is a welcome news considering the low growth experienced in the air freight sector in the last few years.
MAHB Aircraft Movements
January 2014 aircraft movements grew by 16.5%, registering 65,889 movements. Average load factor continues to remain above the 72% range. Load factors for both international and domestic sector continued to improve with a recorded maximum load factor of 90-100% in January 2014. The latent demand for air travel remains high coupled with strong regional demand.
Economic and Industry Outlook
January passenger traffic increase at 25.8%, despite the Chinese New Year holiday is a credible achievement, and an indication of latent demand that has begun to now be more actively served. The favourable double digit expansion in airlines seat capacity for the immediate months ahead provides optimism that growth would continue to the next half of 2014. With the ongoing developments in the industry, klia2 opening, and Visit Malaysia Year 2014 will continue to help spur demand for air travel. In line with the positive general consensus for 2014 expressed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and Airports Council International (ACI), we expect another record year of traffic in 2014.

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