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I went thru KLIA site and i think they need to learn more. I tried to look at KLIA current flight (just to find out what's going on over there").

unfortunately i have to choose a specific flight to find out the timetable, not the current flight time table (in KLIA website, stated "click on this link to see current flight"). plus even as small as perth airport listed their real time timetable brilliantly with the update status even arlanda airport. Perth Airport even supply a Live Flight tracking so we know your brother, sister , mum and dad etc location at the moment. just an example i took this screenshot just now, i captured MAS just took off from Perth Airport (which i can see from my house B7772)


please see comparison between some major Airport. and live flight tracking from Perth Airport Website





the question is, why cant KLIA put some effort into it..??

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