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  1. Absolutely correct. Sorry for mistake.
  2. Thanks Waiping. Have just done that. Hope to meet you when I am in KK in Feb. Will pm you nearer the time. John
  3. I have been flying in and out of KK since 2002 and have watched the transformation over the years. Each time we arrive from London via KUL SIN or KUC we are always pleasantly surprised and now feel as if we are coming home rather than visiting for a short holiday.
  4. My chosen destination looks doomed to failure so can I vote for one of the top two? John
  5. It may be, but not enough to make a huge difference on a 12 hour flight! Three years ago I flew first class form Dubai to bangkok on an EK A380. Now that was classy!
  6. I have travelled several times on EK (both first class and economy) and SQ A380s. In my opinion there is little difference in economy between the A380 and the 744 other than the fact the A380 is a newer plane. Same seat configuration downstairs 3-4-3 along with 300+ economy passengers. That said, I would choose the A380 every time , although I used to love all the 747s. I shall be trying the new MAS A380 to KUL from LHR in February. Cannot wait.
  7. The last one looks like a BA 744 using the Daily Express newspaper as a sunshade!
  8. On no, not the Hong Kong way of playing Mahjong ha ha. Only the computerised version!
  9. AFAIK you have to phone up MAS and they are charging extra for upstairs seating. Check the charges on the MAS website.
  10. You are correct. But if I can get seat A and C upstairs in economy, once I get my headphones on I shall be very happy. Love playing mahjong on MAS!
  11. I hope so as my wife and I are booked to fly to KL in early February. We had an awful flight back from KL to LHR some years ago when two, yes two, high school orchestras and choirs (kids aged between 12 and 17) numbering around fifty to seventy in total were seated directly behind us on an MAS 744. Their teachers and guardians did nothing on the overnight flight to stop them running around and shouting throughout the whole flight. I must add that the kids were from Australia, not Malaysia. Had it been Malaysian students I am sure their behaviour would have been much better.
  12. You forgot to mention Sugar Bun! I preferred it when the stalls opposite Waikiki apartments were proper hawker stalls
  13. SV Choong and Isaac. Sorry about the name thing. I have amended my profile to show my name.
  14. Thanks Isaac. Yes I remember going down Jalan Selangor and taking some pics in 2008. I cannot work out how to upload them to the forum. I would be happy to post them.
  15. Ong, Stayed at the Crowne a couple of years back Fantastic views of the A380s. Pity the Pan Pacific at KLIA does not ofer the same views. Stay there en route to BKI from London.
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