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  1. The idea is not new, just curios how much it cost for the entire place:-P Wish to get the B777 :-D in my dream....
  2. Erm... economy lite passenger can only choose the back seats?? so those who seats at the back no snacks...
  3. got any photo of the leased A330?? i mean the cabin photo...
  4. Five passengers were injured when an AirAsia X flight from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur encountered severe turbulence on Thursday, leaving five passengers injured. ‚ÄčJust not long ago , the aeroflot hit turbulence at Bangkok, and now air asia x, i read a report saying that the airlines will encounter more and more clear sky turbulence in the future due to the global warming.... and me too felt that ,y last few rides was not that smooth as well....
  5. yeah!! i still have the plane model bought from in flight...
  6. This is indeed a very good publicity for Jetstar, and a really beyond expectation !
  7. lionel

    Peter Bellew

    Fully agree with you, long time i never took air asia.... for that few hundreds different, i'll rather take FSC, and that air asia few hundreds different haven't count in the others feeeeeeeeeeeees yet...
  8. Airasia will never be better then those two, never ever.. How to be better??? one is LCC and other two is FSC??
  9. is the neo interior different then others normal 320??
  10. wow , never knew that air asia x got so many fleet already....
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