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  1. Congrats Min Chun I also applied to ERAU and got my application accepted in 2006 for study in Aeronautical science at Prescott, Arizona campus. But the tuition is too steep.
  2. The aircraft is known in USAF spec as VC-25. It's a common 747-200 referred to as SAM. No doubt that most people refer it as Air Force One because that is the common purpose. Even if you buy the model by Hogan, Herpa and Skymarks, they mark the name on the box as Air Force One instead of VC-25 or SAM. Should watch the movie Air Force One which played by Harrison Ford. Even though it's not real, but it clearly show the call sign and even any other kind of plane that the president boarded will change callsign to AF1. As example in the movie, after the president got transfer into a C-130 in midair, the C-130 which callsign was Liberty 24 change callsign to Air Force 1. Here's a good documentary about AF1 - On board the Air Force One Azudidn
  3. Let's just hope for the best. I'm looking forward to see Delta plane at KUL. Delta is actually spreading out network to airport with lesser competition with other US airlines. Azuddin
  4. It's not really a new service. Just that we will see Delta planes instead of the NWA planes Actually I got this news from one of my friend working with Delta. He saying that KUL route is still under consideration. It won't be a long haul service from the US. It's only a service from the NRT using 757 or A330.
  5. Any chance for Delta to fly KUL? They going to fly NRT-SGN and NRT-BKK starting May. Azuddin
  6. forgot to mention. Short domestic route is considerable. Even if the domestic route have option either MAS or Firefly, they take firefly. All international have been baned from taking MAS. Azuddin
  7. 5 star or not, MAS recently got kick out from ExxonMobil listing. All ExxonMobil employee can't no longer travel with MAS on business purpose.
  8. I still prefer how Delta did the Skyteam livery. Still white with dark blue tail, not much change from the original delta livery. Too bad we won't see Continental wearing this livery since they will be out of Skyteam soon. Azuddin
  9. Thanks for the comments guys Those 3 Greek spotters are much more hard core. They willing to stay in the rain longer then I do. Hope they don't get sick on theit flight home. They already on their way back, just depart early this morning. Azuddin
  10. I don't think the paper change their point of view. I don't think they even read papers. They buy paper just to get update about Perak downfall, Stock market, sport toto and entertainment section. I still saw those ___________ patrolling around the area while I was driving. P/S: You fill in the blank with whatever words you like
  11. None of them. I was at the hill for quiet a short time. The morning traffic was a little boring, so I move on to weather station. Even though I didn't see any police, I'm still annoyed hearing about them hassling you guys for spotting up the hill. Azuddin
  12. I don't see any of those b*st*rds around during our time there. When I was on my way back after sending my friends to their hotel, I saw one spotter got "BEREDAR". I didn't notice who he is. Is there anyone else spotting today? Azuddin
  13. I was accompanying 3 of my friends from Athens. The day wasn't that nice because it's a raining. The morning is clear, but from noon towards the rest of the day is quiet bad. Very cloudy even if rain not pouring down. I want to skip the usual MAS and AK that we can see everyday. Uzbek 767 Here's something we don't see everyday. Unknown private MD-87 with US registration Cathy's with A330 gmg md-80 Qatar A330 Asian games livery Etihad A332 EVA Air with 744 Pakistan A310 9M-MLA Not sure if anyone seen this yet. Tiger is here with it's new A319
  14. 45 of the seats on Firefly ATR to Kerteh has been chartered by Petronas and ExxonMobil. My dad flew on it every week to Kerteh now if he has to go to offshore not on schedule. If on schedule, he will take the MHS Aviation Fixwings 9M-STM. Firefly to Kerteh flight is not everyday. They don't have weekend flight. My dad flight from SZB usually around 6:20AM and took one hour to Kerteh. Azuddin
  15. In my opinion that all International Major airport should maintain the city name instead of Prime Minister or President name. Having a major airport with leader's name is more like a communist or dictator nation. Look at US, LAX is the major gateway into the US, but the name maintain to Los Angeles International Airport, just the international terminal were named. Most of non-major airport in the US was named after the president. I vote not to change the name. Azuddin
  16. DAMN!!! I thought US was the one who get 9/11, but I can go spotting hassle free at Houston airport where George W. Bush flew in at least once a week. I second the suggestion that we place a big protest sign board or banner, be sure we leave a business card there (in this case, our website address). This is bulls**t. The government always talk about young generation should pursue space program and aviation engineering, but they don't even give support to the hobbies that related to the field. What do they expect.... Azuddin
  17. This is the worst ever Dash 8 accident. Bangkok Airways has one incident with Dash 8 before, but not as many casualties as this Continental. This is Continental first incident with total live lost ever since using current livery. It's also first total lost ever since the 707 crash 32 years ago.
  18. Just found out this Paulo and the other on board was killed when his plane encounter failure after departing Santa Monica Airport. He attempted to turn back but he didn't make it. http://www.ktla.com/landing_news/?Two-Dead...amp;feedID=1198 My condolence goes to Paulo's Family, may he rest in peace.
  19. So what's the name gonna be? Labu airport sound funny. Lyndon B Johnson Terminal sound considerable in honor the founder of Labu Jaya. Azuddin
  20. Yup, I uses Alpha. I agree. One more thing, the center of gravity at the undercarriage is very small which make the ATR is not really good for crosswind landing. Azuddin
  21. The ATR cabin sure look spacious and comfy The pitch between seats is a bit cramp. But the seat is quiet comfortable.
  22. Correct capt, Denver is in Colorado. I've been there. Very big airport. Azuddin
  23. The 737-500 is a write off. Both engine damaged with one broke off, interior burned, fuselage broke in 2. Azuddin
  24. I attended the ceremony earlier this morning. I was there with TK and Alan B. I will upload more photos later, my internet too slow now. Azuddin
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