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  1. That explains why the noisy sounds of choppers around Tg Bungah area during that time
  2. PEN-BKK route used to be flown by TG A310 in the past before being taken over by the old B734 and then by Thai Smiles A320
  3. What setting did u use ? Did u take it fr the tripod ?
  4. This livery I like..... like panda or tapir
  5. Any special event in KL this coming week ?
  6. I tot KA usually sent their A330s instead of the A320 variants
  7. Why can't MAB after a timeframe scrap those 747 right to the junkyard like what the local city council does to towed away cars.
  8. OD to MKZ on certain days...Need to check...I always use OD when going to MKZ...but have to adjust my plans to their flight time
  9. KCH is way better than MKZ ...... .....After the OD flight....n that Indon Airline which I forgot the name....that's all for the day.....Unless it has changed now.
  10. Xiamen ?? SIN-PEN....when was that ?
  11. We Penangites would be most happy if we can see more foreign carriers flying in irregardless of plane type.
  12. What are all of them doing in BKI ?
  13. I remember taking KE from PEN-ICN route back in 2004 or 2005..........Dunno why after that they stopped. BR also used to have PEN-SIN back in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I remember taking them in their A300s...Can't remember where they originate from. Also GA used to have PEN-KMO but also stopped.....
  14. 20th Jan 2017 9M-MSF AK territory From LEFT: 9M-AQH , 9M-??? , 9M-AQP
  15. Wow....where is the likes of Eva, Korean Air, Asiana etc....they have cargo heavies coming in regularly but nadda on the passenger heavies..
  16. Well one bright note is certain booking class on FY is eligible for Enrich miles starting from 2017
  17. What...even FY 72-600 are in storage now ??.....
  18. When will someone start a thread on Seat Numbers
  19. Looks like baggage handler must have fell asleep .....else no reason for the lawyer to advise client here
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