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  1. Oh.. very nice set you have there! Happy New Year!
  2. Hi all, Just wonder is this posted here: Airbus Fly Your Idea 2011 Competition Finalists. I posted it here as one of the finalists is from Malaysia - Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology. Below are a part of the news release: Do click on the link for more information. Airbus today unveiled the five student finalist teams for the second Airbus competition (FYI). The shortlisted teams are from Chile, China, India, Malaysia and Sweden. The winner of the challenge 2011 will be announced by Airbus at a special ceremony to be held at the International Paris Airshow-Le Bourget on June 23rd 2011. The global challenge, which commenced in September 2010, drew entries from more than 2,600 students from 75 countries, who were asked to consider how to develop a greener future for aviation. In total, 315 teams took part. Entries submitted to Airbus reflected the 2011 theme ‘The Environmental Life Cycle’. Students were encouraged to propose an idea related to one stage of the aircraft’s life: design, supply chain, manufacturing, aircraft operations or aircraft end-of-life. Charles Champion, Airbus’ Executive Vice President, Engineering and FYI Patron, said “I am extremely impressed by the quality of work and high standards demonstrated by all the submissions. All the finalists showed a high calibre of innovation and creativity.” The finalists are: · Chile - Team Condor, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María - for their novel alternative design for an aerodynamic speed brake that would recover energy for on-board reuse. · China - Team Wings of Phoenix, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics - for their suggestion of a ground-based wind power generation system derived from aircraft wakes. · India - Team O3, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee - for their proposed approach to prevent aircraft icing by the use of water-repelling polymer coatings. · Malaysia - Team Msia on Mars, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology - for their idea to use biodegradable materials from Kapok tree fibres for aircraft thermal and acoustic insulation blankets used for aircraft cabins. · Sweden - Team SSE, Stockholm School of Economics - for their formulation of an ECO points scheme to promote environmentally-friendly flying. The first prize of €30,000 will be shared by the winning team and the runners up will win €15,000. Additionally, the Spanish team ‘Ecolution’, from the Universidad Pontificia.... Air Bus Fly Your Idea Competition Finalists
  3. Well, anyone planning to go LIMA 2009? 1-5 December 2009. Or Singapore Airshow? 2--7 Feb 2010
  4. Well, just busy these few days. And here are my shots for that day. The Eagle
  5. Hey Amin, I interested in the event, but not treassure. So, is it ok I just visit the booths and shot the aerial display?
  6. Oh well... looks like interesting event. How do we get to there?
  7. Just wondering is there any documentary series for dreamliner?
  8. yup.. i watched it, around 30 min . it was around the same like previous version
  9. Well, I can get RM 0 for 3rd/Dec to KK.. . think so that time also school holiday
  10. After so many years as people complaint to KTM, yet they still delay. when asking about the reason, yet they giving the same reason... BTW, can I ask for the longer train or more RAPID for Putra LRT?
  11. Just thinking am I willing to change my career path at this age... And of course travelling... there are many things to consider.
  12. Oh... like this.... haha... you make me high in the spirit of joining liao.. haha...
  13. Oh well... Am too old (already 30 this year) to apply... Any other alternative?
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