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  1. Try to land in Melbourne's Tullaramine airport, Not Melbournes Avalon airport! One time i flew jet star to Avalon and i found out that the airport is located near the outskirts of Melbourne. I was so embarresed when my friend drove for 1 and a half hours from the airport to his house . That is why Avalon is slightly cheaper than Tullaramine. In my opinion the extra cost is worthit with the extremely high fuel prices these days...
  2. Wow Those pilots are really lucky to have survived
  3. Very Nice Walter and Norman keep them coming
  4. This is from Flight simulator right?
  5. Is the autobrake switch the same as Arming the spoilers or are they totally different things?
  6. Ah, thank you, just what i was after What controls does the pilot have to make to enable spoilers during landing?
  7. Hi I've always wondered for a long time what the things on the wings are called during landing, I will give you a photo. I know that the ailerons are the things near the tip of the wing that control left to right movement, and i know that the flaps are the things that extend to reduce airspeed. The only thing i dont know is the things extending from the wing as shown in the picture. It always comes up during landings, can someone tell me what they are called, and how you enable them during flight? Thanks
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