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  1. Just seen photos of the new BA A380 in full livery. Stunning looking aircraft. MH - please repaint your A380's.
  2. Just wish they had put the A330/B738 livery on the A380. So much nicer.
  3. Hideous. The tail is dull and swooshes on the fuselage are terrible. Seriously MH have a rethink.
  4. I think MH are just too late with the A380 on Oz routes. SQ, EK & QF have had too much of a headstart. If they can get their pricing right then I would have thought LHR & AMS would be their best bet for making money serving Europe.
  5. Any chance of AMS coming back into the MH A380 route plan?
  6. Hope RMAF order Eurofighter..
  7. Old is much nicer. A classic. New just dull.
  8. Anyone know if MH did any market research/customer feedback with this new livery? Not many positive comments flying around. It offers no "wau" (pardon the pun) factor. Coming late to the A380 operators club I expected something much nicer. The updated red/blue livery on the newish B738 and A330 is much nicer than this.
  9. It looks like MH could only afford 2 colours at the paint shop. Seriously drab. Sorry to be so negative. And all this from an airline that gave the world the special livery B744 & B777. They were beautiful.
  10. That is one awfully boring looking A380. Whoever came up with that livery should be sacked straight away. Yet another own goal by MH. Keep the red & blue wau alive!
  11. Be sad to see MA go down. Only flown with them once on a BUD-AMS flight about 10 years ago.. I thought they were very good. Remember the flight as they gave Y passengers ice cream which was unusual on short intra-European trips at the time.
  12. See the Dutch media have stated the KLM-MH co-operation AMS-KUL v.v. will continue although no mention was made of the KLM feed onto MH services to Aus/NZ. Anyone know how long this deal has to run? Was it not renewed last year? Wish KLM was Dutch controlled once again.
  13. As a KL/MH fan I'm rather unhappy about this news. Where does this leave the KL/MH AMS-KUL v.v. codeshare and KL feed onto MH services to Aus/NZ? AF/KE seem to have got what they wanted keeping MH out of Skyteam. The AF/QF tie up clearly didn't help matters and I'm pretty sure KE would not have liked MH in Skyteam either. Really wish KL hadn't jumped into bed with AF.
  14. Thoroughly depressing news to those of us who want to see MH in Skyteam.
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