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  1. I wish I can catch her on that day but I have things on.. Well share guys.
  2. What a lovely jet.. Nice share.
  3. I think in months time, this place will get busier.
  4. Nice spot Uncle Norman. I think I will never have a chance to spot there.
  5. Chee Yong

    WMKM 2009

    Nice catch and well shared to us. Next time you may need to lead me to some good areas for spotting. Thanks Hanx for the superb coverage.
  6. Agree. Like a giant Manta Ray gliding just above your head.
  7. Nice catch Quack Quack. First time to see that green one.
  8. Wow, what a lovely traffic over there. Nice catch Jessnor and CB.
  9. Good catch Walter but the light is totally off. But still manage to see the ONE WORLD on that livery.
  10. Agree. Raining day also spotting.
  11. Wow, lots of special ones. Good job done guys.
  12. Thanks, Rayner for the info.
  13. Silver CX cargo. Nice shot, Vivek.
  14. Thanks, Liew for a wonderful coverage.
  15. Nice one, T Azahan.. Sharp sharp. Good weather.
  16. Well, I feel it is possible with demand over there is great. Can someone provide more info?
  17. Sigh... Have to wait so long for completion. Hopefully this will the final decision for operating and no more delays.
  18. Good night shots over there, Ryaner. Can I know what setting you used get those? Thanks.
  19. Nice catch, Derek.. Hope you will bring more for us.
  20. Wow, Nice catch! Chaity, you always have the good ones. Liew, you too good in KLM B777-ER.
  21. Wow, rare ones.... Good catch, Liew.
  22. Nice share over the cabin shots, Vivek.
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