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  1. interesting..!!!!interesting...!!!!!!!!
  2. hi all so sorry Capt Nik,i cant make it on 23rd & so on until july i got industrial training..sory...
  3. why im not in the list??full already?? oooo man.... very dissapointed its ok.next time..
  4. i want to fly too... count me in!!!!
  5. im not a frequent traveller.. *Malaysia Airlines 747-400, 777-200 *Saudi Arabia 747-400 *British Airways 747-400, F50
  6. bad news guys... anyway i would like to express my deepest condolances.. pray for them..
  7. me too next sem will go for industrial training... but im in electrical&electronic eng. how about malaysia airport berhad??? (nasib baik ade geng nak tanye soalan yg sama..)
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