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  1. Nice catch of the F-5E Laurie! As for the special scheme RAAF Hornet, A21-38 is in the special scheme for 75 Sqn's 70th Anniversary. More info here, including hi-res version of the photo below. Photo © Comonwealth of Australia/LAC Terry Hartin.
  2. Both Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates are currently in Melbourne for the AUSMIN summit on Monday with Australian leaders. The local press has confirmed Gates will be headed to Malaysia next so SZB is the likely location. Clinton arrived in C-32A 99-0003 SAM8278 yesterday in good weather while Gates arrived this morning on E-4B 73-1677 Buster25. Unfortunately the weather turned bad an hour before his arrival... Here are the pics from Melbourne. C-32 arriving YMML E-4B arriving YMML We've had a C-37 and another C-32 this afternoon, and are expecting a Buddha (C-17) later this evening as well.
  3. Fitri, last pic is of a F/A-18F. There are more Super Hornet static and flying display pics in the galleries (linked one first post). There was a Wedgie on static but it didn't fly.
  4. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) holds an annual airshow during the spring school vacation. RAAF Williamtown was the host of this year's airshow, held over the weekend of Sep 18-19 and as usual the RAAF and RAN has put out an impressive lineup of participants, together with Australia's warbird fraternity who have contributed with their historic aircraft. This year's airshow marks several events, chief among them being the RAAF's F-111 fleet's last public airshow before retirement in December. In addition to being the public swansong of the RAAF's F-111, this year's Defence Airshow also marks 25 years of RAAF F/A-18 Hornet operations, 10 years of BAe Hawk operations, and 3 Sqn's 94th anniversary. Both days of the airshow saw more than 4 hours of aerial displays by the various participants. Here are some of my shots: More photos (and in higher-res) can be found in my website's Williamtown Statics and Williamtown Aerial displays galleries
  5. Departed starting around 1100 AEST. Formed up and started tanking about 1130. Give it about 8 hours flight time I reckon.
  6. Excellent stuff kianhong, you guys out west get much better winter skies than we do here in Melbourne. Its grey grey grey here all time time… Might have a quick spotting trip planned to Perth sometime in August…talking to Liam now about it.
  7. Melbourne/Avalon is off AirAsiaX's radar for now. AVV will not be developed to cope with the traffic apparently. So its a tossup between MH/SQ/TG/GA/TR-TT/JQ... I would advise coming in spring (Sept - Nov), nice weather for traveling. Winters tend to be too grey here. For hotel deals, try www.lastminute.com.au a couple of days before travel.
  8. The weather returned to typical Melbourne for the most part since I caught the RAAF BBJ. Today being the Queen's Birthday holiday here in Victoria, I took the opportunity to do a bit of sporting and was rewarded with Jetstar's SeaWorld A320, among others...
  9. TK...weather was visually appealing but that's about it. Temperature was 2 deg C overnight and 5-7 deg C when the photo was taken. I had to hide in my car and pop up for shots only when the birds were in range!
  10. Hmm, this threads been quiet for some time... My folks flew down from SIN to MEL this morning for a visit, and naturally I took the opportunity to get in some spotting while waiting for them to clear Customs. Having declared a boycott (I'm not alone!) of the airport's ridiculous short-term parking charges, I decided to do a bout of spotting while waiting although I did not expect anything out of the ordinary, until this turned up: RAAF BBJ A36-001 Glad that the skies were clear and blue (despite being a little cold) after a horrendous two weeks of grey gloom over here.
  11. Thanks Eric and Pieter, yes the RAAF still operates the Caribou! Nothing else comes close to the old girl in terms of STOL ability, although they're getting very long in the tooth. Simon, tak ada unfortunately, 400mm prime and 747 flying low just doesn't go. Can't squeeze the whole plane in the frame!
  12. Thanks Ignatius, today was the Grand Prix down here in Melb, and as usual, there were flypasts by the RAAF Roulettes, Hornets and a Qantas 744. Being more of a fast jet guy, weren't really keen on the subjects except the Hornet, here's a couple:
  13. Thanks Norman, was my first outing with the 400 prime. And the cooperative weather helped...a lot
  14. Some photos of mine from the Air Pageant. Excellent weather for photography, contrary to the weather forecast.
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