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  1. owh!! saw a 744 took off moments ago... anyone got it?
  2. nice catch Sam... miss the blue sky of kk alot lar...
  3. thanks alan... i did visit their site but cant find... thanks anyway...
  4. Hi all, Would like to know what is the pax load or capacity of Silk Air's economy class? Thank you...
  5. great nite shots... more more more nite shots everyone...
  6. on the phone while driving!! kantoi (busted)!!!
  7. Sam, i'm a Red Devil !!! ohhhh... how i love that Kop in the rubbish pix!! wakakakaka no offence Kop fans out there... :rofl:nice catch there Choong...
  8. wakakakakaka... this is a good one!!excellent approach shots Sam...
  9. shouldn't be a problem... let's have a BBQ at Runway 02!! wakakakaka
  10. that 744 a charter flight?
  11. Faizal, yup... landing sharply on 7pm... very very very lucky indeed, Desmond... somemore on a cheap fare!! Mod, please delete post #340. Sorry for the double post.
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