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  1. Thank you. Well Gav, that's the best I can do else photo would be too big for the forum format. I was indeed very lucky to get so many specials in such good summer weather. Typical humid hazy summer in Tokyo was all blown away by Typhoon Man-yi on the day of my arrival. And i was blessed with clear blue sunny days during almost my entire trip. Let's continue ... 18 September 2013. Thank you for viewing. To be continued.
  2. Here's some shots from during my recent spotting trip to HND. 17 September 2013 End of day 1. Thanks for viewing.
  3. This thread has been long neglected. Poor thing ... On this fine Tuesday morning, I had Double Royal Brunei in the form of V8-BKH - Sultan's private jet & V8-DLA - RB's latest toy B788 as BI421 from BWN. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.
  4. During recent MW anniversary dinner in SIN. Someone approach me & 'complain' that I haven't been post much photos for the past year. Please pardon the hiatus. Honestly I haven't been doing much spotting locally for obvious reason. In the mean time, please enjoy some random photos I took in NRT & HND during my recent trip. Weather wasn't fantastic in HND but the actions was good. HL7784 JA604F B-5297 N452PA Some night shots from HND. JA813A JA824J N1613B JA621J A6-EWF Some action shots in SHRA, 3km vis. JA656J. JA15AN. New Air DO B737-700. JA819A JA807A. Full zoom at 400mm at 34L touch down zone in 3km vis. JA321J JA772J. Tokyo Disney 30 anniversary. 'Happiness' jet. JA659J & JA8975 JA8569 JA810A. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.
  5. Jetstar first A320 9V-JSS with 'Sharklet' spotted at remote bay near NC3. Thanks for viewing.
  6. Thanks Francis !! Second installment of VTBS spotting. One will notice thru this set of photos that :- 1. Russian love Thailand especially during the winter months. Obviously!! 2. Metallic purple on the older TG aircraft looks much better than the new 'cheap-looking' matte purple. 3. One out of the three Transaero B744 is equipped with RR RB-211 instead PW 4000 series engines. Enjoy. Cheers !!
  7. Thanks Uncle Pieter. What a shame we didn't manage to meet at AMS last month. Nordwind was braking really hard to make that 2nd HST. Wheel was 'smoking' hot for a good 2 mins ...
  8. Some shots from VTBS over the Children Day weekend. We were really blessed with some brilliant sunshine, great spotting locations & some great company. Pardon for the long hiatus ... ^^;; Enjoy!!
  9. My tribute to the 'Queen of the Skies'. Boeing B747 reflecting upon its past with one of the world’s most famous airlines – Singapore Airlines – after nearly 40 years in service. You will be missed.
  10. Star attraction of the show - Boeing B787 Dreamliner N787BX. Sexy nose. Sexy Wings! Love the curve and blade-like wing tip. Some Interior shots. EY class cabin with mood lighting. Forward demo J-class cabin. Electrochromic windows. Takes about 60sec to change from one shade to another. More EY cabin shots with some rather psychedelic mood lighting. Aft Cabin Crew bunk - cozy!! Bumped into Randy Tinseth - VP Marketing Boeing Commercial Aircraft. Had a small chat with him regarding conversion. Nice chap! Airbus Military A330 MRTT. Took these while it was leaving the show ground for departure later in the evening. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.
  11. Sharing some shots from the airshow. Flying display consist of RSAF F-15SG & F-16C, RMAF MiG-29n 'Smokey Bandits', USAF C-17 Globemaster III, Rebel 300, USAF B52 Stratofortress and RAAF PC-9/A 'Roulettes'. Group photo session of the RMAF Mig-29 & RSAF F-15SG flying display teams. Also appeared in the photo were Ministers of Defense & Air Force chief from both countries. RMAF MiG-29n RSAF F-15SG to be continued ...
  12. I shall let the photos do the talking. Photos were taken at a different location. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.
  13. Thanks Pieter & Francis ... It was an awesome trip. Yes, they conducted the briefing & tour in Japanese. I can read kanji so can rough guess the contents of the briefing slides. For the rest, I had to rely to YK-san to translate it for me.
  14. We have been very lucky during the final day of trip ... 07/10/11 RJTT Who would have thought I would finally catch the green alligator in Haneda!! B-KPF Asia's World City c/s. One more surprise awaited us at the gate - Flower power from China Eastern. B-6129 International Horticultural Exposition 2011 c/s. JA620A I like sexy winglets. Some shots from Ukishoma park after lunch. JA712A Star Alliance c/s. JA801X Solaseed Air Waiting for rwy 05 departure. JA772J Arashi Beautiful World c/s JA002G Japan Civil Aviation Board FLIGHT INSPECTOR One last look at this rather charming airport before my flight home. Thanks for viewing. Cheers !! I will be back soon!
  15. Highlight of the trip - ANA hangar visit!! Millions of arigato to YK-san who helped me to register n arrange this guided tour. It was a blast! 07/10/11 ANA maintenance hangars, RJTT Reception area of the Guided Tour. Tour pass and pamphlet of the guided tour. B787 gonna fly in 19days!! A short briefing before the tour - a very diverse group within the tour. First thing that caught our eye - the B787-8 Dreamliner (JA801A). Standing a little closer. JA756A B777-300 under C-check. JA756A JA625A I didn't expect a B767-300ER look this huge!! Spanking new, only been delivered 4 days ago from Everett. JA625A Under the huge Nihon wing!! JA625A This will be the first and last we see it without winglets. It will be fitted with winglets in-house by ANA engineering. JA625A Very clean tail cone and belly. Gundam ANA edition. Boulevard being featured in the aviation-themed Japanese TV drama - Good Luck! Thanks for viewing. Cheers!
  16. Now sharing some photos from Haneda instead. 06/10/11 RJTT JA55AN "心ひとつに、がんばろう ニッポン" title with an english translation of 'Forward together as one, Japan'. JA602A ANA retro jet 'Mohican' JA751A 加油日本!! JA8984 JAL's ex Sky Eco jet donned with a new 'Nature' livery. JA98AD Love the background and jet blast. JA8961 First time capturing the tail strobe. JA328J Departing JAL Express B738 with Tokyo Skytree in the background. JA01AN ANA Golden Jet. Thanks for viewing.
  17. Pardon my sloppiness for not posting any photos to MWings lately. Here's some shots I took during my recent trip to Tokyo. Narita RJAA (03/10/11) Narita is whale-jets hunting ground as there are no less than 4 operators operating A380 into Narita. HL7613 F-HPJB D-AIMH JA614J. Love the clean line & Endless Discovery decal Narita RJAA (04/10/11) HL7612. I was hoping for engine pod strike. No such luck!! N454PA RP-C7776 now come with added decal '70 Asia's First, Shining Through' VQ-BCQ Aeroflot SkyTeam c/s. Surprised to see KLM Asia!! I-DISE Thanks for viewing. Cheers!
  18. Very nice photos ... Thanks Uncle Vu Loc for the link. Can understand most with Google translate. Seem to be a good destination for spotting.
  19. OT: Since no one has pointed out the possibility of this spotter being framed and sabotaged, I will play devil's advocate here. The reason being, I clearly remembered one group on FB was specially created to target the spotter mentioned here. I was invited to join, left a message condemning such hate group and left the group. No time for such child play ... really. Well ... I think someone is out there to get him. Admin: Pls feel free to delete my post if you deem this unsuitable. After all, this thread was created to share plane photos from SIN.
  20. 17/06 Good weather with some light breeze at the beach. Spotting time... Qatari638 was opb B77L (A7-BBD) instead of the usual B77W. BG84 S2-AFL was delayed again to 1540. Biman may as well make this its STA. This is one of two B737NG opb Biman. I was hoping that it's still wearing the old scheme ... alas new scheme which is plain boring. OH-LQD As mentioned by TY, 9V-SPN was out for an air test wearing Transaero colour. Landed at the wrong runway!! Asialink Cargo KP004 from Batam opb PK-KRJ 'Kheya'. Looked sensational in such brilliant late afternoon light. VN747 VN-A323 from Hanoi arriving at 6pm! I was told this is used to be a vampire flight arriving just after sunset. GLEX 5000 N689WM repositioned from Seletar. AirPhil Express RP-C8388 from Cebu arrived 20mins earlier at 1835... unfortunately the setting sun was blocked by some low cloud. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.
  21. Nice show case of GA aircraft found in Malaysia. 9M-LEE is ex Singapore Youth Flying Club 9V-BOL (s/n 2816087)
  22. Thanks guy ... I have been out of the loop for a while. Will just shoot anything that come my way. The BG B738 and GA B735 were my favorite!
  23. 10/06/11 Weather was a mixed bag. At one time, some passing rain cloud threatened to ruin the whole afternoon for spotting. Nice to see two Shanghai Airline Cargo MD-11F arrived in the afternoon. This is B-2179, the other was B-2178. CX dull silver bullet B-HUK. Ex CX Cargo silver bullet with the same rego B-HUS. BA One World G-CIVZ I still find the B763ER with winglet sleek n sexy! JA621A She seems to be a regular for now. As mentioned before, too blant! Don't like Garuda's new color B735 looked cute. PK-GGF Thanks for the delayed BG84. We got this Biman Bangladesh B738 S2-AFM. Nice color! Thanks for viewing. Cheers
  24. From my experience spotting in HND, (as mentioned by TK) morning at JAL terminal - T1, mid afternoon can go catch some international arrival n departure at international terminal, then move to ANA terminal - T2 in the afternoon. All observation deck very spotter-friendly. One can do some really good nite spotting in T2 South observation deck as it's horizontal wires that separating u from the aircrafts. All terminals are connected by free shuttle bus at the arrival level. Enjoy!
  25. Thanks Flee for the photos ... good to know that I didn't miss much. Was busy with work over the weekend...
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