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  2. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/malaysia-airlines_mhxjalsubmp4-activity-6827855583933292544-BqLu https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/hq/en/experience/japan-airlines.html July 2021 marks the first anniversaryof MH-JL partnership. Apart from the KUL-NRT joint venture, anyone knows what other plans they did or will be doing?
  3. Update: MSN 791 HS-XTJ: Returned to lessor, stored at CHR July 2021. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/hs-xtj
  4. Airbus pivots A350 to cargo to fix its freighter fortunes https://theaircurrent.com/aircraft-development/airbus-pivots-a350-freighter-fortunes-boeing-777xf/
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  6. Another A350 variant has been launched... Airbus challenges Boeing cargo dominance with A350 freighter https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/airbus-launches-a350-freighter-2021-07-29/ Airbus to base new A350 freighter ‘predominantly’ on -1000 variant https://www.flightglobal.com/air-transport/airbus-to-base-new-a350-freighter-predominantly-on-1000-variant/144826.article
  7. German airline Condor to acquire Airbus A330neo jets https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/german-airline-condor-acquire-airbus-a330neo-jets-2021-07-28/ Airbus has managed to place the Airasia X NTUs with Condor and Cebu Pacific.
  8. Although sad, it would be good for Malaysian aviation post-pandemic. It will help to reduce the over capacity that we had the past few years.
  9. Erm i think i mightve written my comments in the wrong way or you've missread what i wrote. I am talking about promoting Malaysia through tv ads in Europe. Before 2005s we marketed a lot in these ads. Now 2019 pre pandemic not much about malaysia is promoted while our neighbors even during covid period are still actively promoting in a lot of formats.
  10. Tv Ads on sports channel promoting tourism in thailand and indonesia. Bet how much is msia promoting almost NIL and lack of vital marketing except for keen foreign YouTubers and vloggers. Bear in mind unlike Sabah, states like Sarawak and even Melaka has at least adequate manufacturing economy exports and tech. Meanwhile Sabah has been relying solely on tourism and agriculture with no input to grow beyond that from 2 different gov. Sabah has already lost its aussies and japanese tourist numbers over the years due to lack of exposure.
  11. Plenty of information sources about Europe outside any of those formal (TV/Newspaper) ads.
  12. Fleet Impairment 2020-2021 as at July 28, 2021 A320-200ceo 1. MSN 2633 9M-AFB AirAsia Malaysia to Volotea as EC-NOY 2. MSN 2656 9M-AFC AirAsia Malaysia to Laudamotion as 9H-LMT 3. MSN 3052 RP-C8979 Philippines AirAsia 4. MSN 3576 HS-ABG Thai AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NON 5. MSN 3679 HS-ABH Thai AirAsia 6. MSN 3729 HS-ABI Thai AirAsia 7. MSN 3765 PK-AXF Indonesia AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NOQ 8. MSN 3963 PK-AXI Indonesia AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NOR 9. MSN 4019 HS-ABJ Thai AirAsia 10. MSN 4035 PK-AXJ Indonesia AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NOS A330-300ceo 1. MSN 713 9M-XBD: Converted to freighter at DRS. July 2020 2. MSN 741 HS-XTD: Stored at XMN for Wamos Air EC-NOF. April 2021 3. MSN 786 HS-XTB: Stored at SIN for Wamos Air EC-NOG. April 2021 4. MSN 1065 HS-XTL: Stored at CRK. July 2021 5. MSN 1433 9M-XXK: Stored at FNI. Sold in April 2021 6. MSN 1533 9M-XXS: Stored at MNL. 8th May 2021 7. MSN 1549 9M-XXT: Stored at MNL. 13th June 2021 8. MSN 1600 9M-XXY: stored at FNI. February 2021 New fleet which were not taken up A320neo/A321neo NTUs A320-251X: 1. MSN 9516 Thai AirAsia ntu to Sky Express SX-GNA, delivered 28 May 2021. 2. MSN 9566 AirAsia Japan ntu (JA04DJ) to SkyExpress SX-TEC, delivered 23rd December 2020. 3. MSN 10079 AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-RAU), to SkyExpress SX-CHG, delivered 26th June 2021. 4. MSN 10083 AirAsia Malaysia ntu to SkyExpress as SX-IOG, delivered 27th November 2020. A321-251X: 5. MSN 9512 AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAC) to North-West Air Air Company RA-73028. 6. MSN 9524 AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAD) to North-West Air Air Company RA-73028. A330-900neo NTUs 1. MSN 1967 AirAsia X – Unallocated 2. MSN 1966 AirAsia X - Condor 3. MSN 1970 AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific 4. MSN 1971 Thai AirAsia X - Condor 5. MSN 1972 AirAsia X - Condor 6. MSN 1973 AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific 7. MSN 1976 Thai AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific
  13. Strange. I have a friend in Seattle who hasn't seen any adverts for Europe, yet it seems to be chock full of Americans. Maybe it's a Sabah thing.
  14. Mahb approved a small project in bki to add more remote bays near the maskargo hangar(it has been long overdue) like what bali and phuket did to ease arrival congestion in peak hours. So the remote bay will accommodate planes that have no immediate flights scheduled so the main terminal has empty gates for arrival. The taxiway adjustment near the terminal building is just surface strengthening. The idea to expand the terminal with a new building may work but the last time runway 02 was extended it met with a lot of local resistance regarding land reclamation. Even TAED project had issues after revamping much of the initial planning and til this day no progress update has been given by the gov. Another issue i see was sabah tourism and malaysia tourism marketing is poor or really not subpar. For Sabah it has been heavily promoting towards China and South korea but marketing towards Japan and Australia has been severely trimmed off. Marketing in EU almost non existent. A friend living in seattle USA caught a few tv ads on his local sports channel promoting visiting Indonesia and thailand but no tv ads promoting Malaysia. Meanwhile Malaysia is promoted quite a lot in China. Now with covid and China unlikely to open up its border compared with other countries along with South China Sea tension with its neighbors, Sabah will suffer for a few years.
  15. Aviation industry seems to slowly pick up, in general. I can't comment of latest aviation infra developments in KUL, PEN, KCH and others, but here in BKI there is an obvious on-going construction on the taxiways for the past several months now (Google Earth image attached for reference). Does anyone know what is the construction for? On a more general outlook, I don't think there would not be any airport expansion or relocation for the next decade or so. Passenger traffic has been decimated for more than a year now. If aviation traffic continued similar growth trajectory in 2020 from 2019, passenger numbers could have breached 10 million for the first time. It could take perhaps at least five or even up to 10 years to reach the 2019 level, give or take. And COVID-19 has altered the way we conduct businesses and meetings. There is no need to travel to KUL or beyond just to attend some 1–2-hour meetings. That can now be done simply using Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Leisure trips could pick-up, as many people say - 'revenge tourism', out of lockdown, and in need of mental release. But would the experience be the same as before? In Venice, it is suggested that tourist numbers should have a limit, because the city was, in pre Covid era, overly touristed. During lockdown, nature seems to thrive, but with tourists slowly coming back, some people fear that the calm that came with covid will be gone. What about in Malaysia, especially tourism dependent Sabah? Therefore, I could imagine a secondary airport like BKI will maintain its size for decades to come, with minor expansion. For one thing, the airport is conveniently close to KK. I live only 10 minutes away from the terminal. Most of us in KK do live some 30 minutes away from the airport, traffic conditions permitted. If one issue emanating from BKI towards overall development challenge in KK (height restriction), is the runway position, not the terminal. I think the present runway should be decommissioned, and a new one should be built further out at sea, away from heading directly towards KK CBD. Or shortened present runway to just half of its length (leaving southern portion only) to accommodate lighter planes like ATRs or small business jets (like LCY) operations. And full-length runway (4,000M) could be built further out at sea. The remaining decommissioned parts of the airport could be redeveloped into something else, like large public park (something KK really lacks, despite being marketed as nature resort city). Anyway, this is my point of view specifically on BKI though.
  16. 9M-LNL is the first to leave. Seen here at HNL yesterday after arrival. OD operation is totally crippled by the pandemic and not doing any commercial flight now. God speed to all Malindo staff. Things going around is they will send off all remaining 5 B739 to Delta and maintain current 13 ATR 72, 5 B738 moving forward if they do restored their operation. Thai Lion Air's fate remains a question, was planning an expansion in Dec 2020, but Thailand is currently hit with pandemic wave. Current fleet 6 B738 and 3 B737MAX-9. All 5 B739ER will head to Delta. Indonesia side, Lion Air: possibly downscale current 43 B738 operation to move to MAX. Remaining 78 B739ER, some will leave for Delta, remaining 50 will be returned. They still have 189 B737MAX8 and MAX9 and 50 B737MAX10 on order. Some of these orders will never see light of the day. A330 operation: 3 A330-300ceo, 6 A330neo with another 4 pending delivery. Batik Air A320 operation remains. 44 A320ceo and 1 A320neo. Further delivery on standstill as Rusdi has not been paying batch payment. 112 A320neo and 65 A321neo order in doubt. Unknown for 25 B738 and 6 B739ER. The latter most probaly go to Delta too. A330 operation: 3 A330-300ceo Wings Air was supposedly to add few more ATR 72 in 2019/2020 but missed payment. Current fleet 66. Lion Air Group signed for 100 ATR 72: 81 delivered, 2 crashed, 79 in fleet, 3 NTUs, 14 pending. Super Air Jet: 4 A320ceo. Their focus will be here.
  17. This B737 airframe has moved to the Mines, Seri Kembangan and decorated in murals since March 2021. "Country Heights founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew said the 45-tonne Boeing 737 was previously used as a restaurant in Bukit Bintang before being purchased and taken to the Mines Wellness City." https://selangorjournal.my/2021/03/portraits-of-selangor-sultan-tengku-permaisuri-adorn-airplane-turned-restaurant/
  18. Have read elsewhere that an OD 739ER is off to Delta along with 28 other similar frames from the Lion Air fleet, apparently the frames leaving the JT/OD/ID fleets and are apparently leased from Castlelake. Does anyone know which frames are involved in the transaction?
  19. Malaysia Airlines has officially put their six A380s up for sale: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/malaysia-airlines_open-tender-noticemab-pesawat-sdn-bhd-activity-6821300641286238208-VEVt OPEN TENDER NOTICE: MAB Pesawat Sdn Bhd (MABP) is conducting an open tender for the sale of six (6) AIRBUS 380-800 aircraft and/or its components. MABP invites interested buyers to send their proposals via email to: aircraft.project@malaysiaairlines.com cc vendor@malaysiaairlines.com Please send your interest of participation by 12pm (Malaysia Time, GMT +8) on Thursday, 12 August 2021.
  20. Happy 16th Anniversary to Malaysianwings and best wishes to all 🥳 To Uncle Pieter, we will always remember you. Rest in Peace.
  21. AirAsia Group A339-900neo ntu Update: Rumour has it Condor and Cebu Pacific will be taking the airframes, allocation is not confirmed. MSN 1967 AirAsia X (251t prototype) MSN 1966 AirAsia X - Condor MSN 1970 AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific MSN 1971 Thai AirAsia X - Condor MSN 1972 AirAsia X - Condor MSN 1973 AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific MSN 1976 Thai AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific
  22. MSN 9512 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAC) to North-West Air Air Company, currently stored at Tallinn Airport, Estonia. MSN 9516 A320-251NX Thai AirAsia ntu to Sky Express SX-GNA, delivered 28 May 2021. MSN 9524 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAD) to North-West Air Air Company RA-73028. Currently stored at Tallinn Airport, Estonia MSN 9566 A320-251NX AirAsia Japan ntu (JA04DJ) to SkyExpress SX-TEC, delivered 23rd December 2020. MSN 10079 A320-251NX AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-RAU), to SkyExpress SX-CHG, delivered 26th June 2021. MSN 10083 A320-251NX AirAsia Malaysia ntu to SkyExpress as SX-IOG, delivered 27th November 2020. *Removed AirAsia India frames (MSN 9525 and MSN 10156) for clarity. All six ntus have been sold/ leased to new entities.
  23. Thank you flee. I got to know it here that it was ex Transmile.
  24. AirAsia X plans to cut its 78 A339neo order to 15 for delivery from 2027/28 to 2032: https://airinsight.com/this-summer-is-crunch-time-for-air-asia-x/ https://www.flightglobal.com/strategy/lessors-seeking-detail-of-airasia-and-aax-fundraisings/144040.article
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