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KLIA improvements

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#61 David.W

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Posted 18 April 2019 - 10:00 PM

Belum ada keputusan muktamad berhubung cadangan penjenamaan semula Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) kepada nama baru Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Sepang (SIA), kata exco Jawatankuasa Tetap Kerajaan Tempatan, Pengangkutan Awam dan Pembangunan Kampung Baru, Ng Sze Han.

Soal penjenamaan semula lapangan terbang itu timbul susulan tersebarnya satu surat di laman Twitter yang menyatakan cadangan tersebut telah dipersetujui dan disahkan pada Mesyuarat Majlis Kerajaan Negeri (Exco) Selangor, Oktober tahun lalu.

Isu ini cuma pernah disebutkan dalam MMKN (Mesyuarat Majlis Kerajaan Negeri), setakat ini tiada apa-apa yang telah diputuskan.

Perkara ini timbul kerana KLIA terletak di Sepang, Selangor. Lapangan terbang antarabanga yang terkenal sering menggunakan lokaliti sebagai namanya, contohnya adalah Narita/ Haneda di Tokyo, Incheon di Seoul, Suvarnabhuni di Bangkok, Baiyun di Guangzhou, Pudong di Shanghai, Schipol di Amsterdam dan sebagainya, kata Ng kepada Malaysiakini ketika dihubungi hari ini.

Beliau turut mengesahkan surat yang dibocorkan di media sosial itu merupakan minit mesyuarat exco kerajaan negeri Selangor tetapi tidak mahu mengulas lebih lanjut.


#62 Mohd Suhaimi Fariz

Mohd Suhaimi Fariz
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Posted Yesterday, 07:28 AM

Basically, duty free at klia is expensive e.g whisky, perfume, chocolate, etc.


Exactly! So why are you being obtuse about gateway@klia2? Don't you get it why they needed gateway@klia2 in klia2?

#63 KK Lee

KK Lee
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Posted Yesterday, 08:29 AM

Exactly! So why are you being obtuse about gateway@klia2? Don't you get it why they needed gateway@klia2 in klia2?

Similar attitude that McDonald's menu price is higher than down town.

#64 flee

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Posted Yesterday, 03:38 PM

Interesting talk show - what was supposed to be about the Jewel turned out to be more of a discussion on KLIA!


#65 flee

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Posted Yesterday, 04:14 PM

Airport's major source of revenue is retail. Even in Changi their revenue is mostly derived from retail. You want no retail fine, then cough up the PSC.
And are they though? I was there last week, and many of the shops are operating fine. Most of the shops that are closed are located post the escalators, which is fairly logical since people hardly ever go there.

I took a look at CAG's last financial results and about half their revenue is derived from "Airport concessions and rental income". With KLIA, half its revenue comes from "Airport Services - aeronautical". So rental income is not as significant as that of CAG.

For those who wish to look at CAG's annual reports (their year end is 31 March):

Now you're just picking at straws to be honest. JV or not, it still contributes to the bottom line.

Well, it does not contribute directly - rental income does not show in the Profit and Loss account.

Profits from the JV may be reported in other ways, depending on how the JV is structured. It is most likely to be shown as investment income or dividends from investments.

Edited by flee, Yesterday, 04:14 PM.

#66 KK Lee

KK Lee
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Posted Yesterday, 08:30 PM

Mahb mentality is like those shopping mall e.g SG wang, where one needs to go from one floor to another by escalator, needs to walk round half of mall. For reasons, where there is competition, this type of mall tend to loss out.

Japan rail built shopping mall, hotel, office tower at many major stations but priority/quick and unhindered access is always given to commuters.

Edited by KK Lee, Yesterday, 08:31 PM.

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