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QF again...

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Qantas B763 at Sydney on Aug 2nd 2008, hydraulics leak

By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Aug 2nd 2008 08:41Z, last updated Saturday, Aug 2nd 2008 08:41Z


A Qantas Boeing 767-300, registration VH-OGN performing fligh QF19 from Sydney,NS (Australia) to Manila (Philippines) with 200 passengers, returned to Sydney after the crew noticed a hydraulics leak. The landing about 100 minutes after takeoff was safe.


Engineers found fluid spilling from a spoiler actuator. A replacement aircraft, another Boeing 767-300 registration VH-OGO, resumed the flight with a delay of 5 hours.





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well did you start to think about should be there a saboteur in QF? :)

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Qantas..very problematic at the moment.. :rolleyes:



1.763 Hydraulics leak at Sydney

2. I heard a Qantas Domestic has been advised by Tower during Taxi of smoke comming from an engine at Perth Airport. The a/c returned to Domestic terminal



1.Oil leak at Adelaide


Oil leak grounds Qantas jet in Adelaide

August 01, 2008 01:10pm


UPDATED: A QANTAS jet grounded in Adelaide by an oil leak finally took off five hours late this afternoon with a load of grumpy passengers.


Passengers were ordered off flight QF740 to Sydney just before today's 8.05am scheduled take-off and did not reboard until after 1pm.


Qantas is under increasing pressure over its plane maintenance after a mid-air oxygen bottle explosion on an international flight and a landing gear problem that forced a Melbourne-bound flight to return to Adelaide shortly after take-off.


Among passengers expressing frustration at the delay this morning was Kidman Park woman Angela Passalcqua.


"I'm getting very angry... my husband is spending his 65th birthday in the airport and he's not very happy. We've been here four hours," she said.


Candice Liddane, who missed a connecting flight to Hong Kong because of the delay, was frustrated but philosophical about the delay.


"I am pleased that they are thoroughly checking the aircraft," she said.- AdelaideNow


2. Bag marked 'BOMB' accepted by Qantas at Brisbane


A LARGE bag with "BOMB" written across it passed through Qantas check-in and security screening for oversized luggage at Brisbane domestic airport yesterday, the Transport Workers Union said.



Baggage handlers preparing to transfer the bag raised the alarm and stopped work for about 40 minutes as security staff and managers attempted to remove it.


However, TWU national airline official Scott Connolly said the situation "deteriorated" when managers dragged the still unscreened bag towards a more populated area of the airport.


"What happened today is far from ideal and if the device was actually a real bomb the way it was handled would have been a disaster," Mr Connolly said.


It was the latest in a string of security scares at the airport reported by The Courier-Mail in which weapons - including guns and knives - have passed through security scanners without being detected.


A Qantas spokeswoman confirmed a bag with "inappropriate language" caused an incident at the airport but refused to answer any questions.


She read out a statement attributed to Qantas group general manager security Jeff Askew.


"There was an incident today at the Brisbane domestic terminal with a bag with an inappropriate comment written on the side," she said. "After it was security screened it was deemed not to be a risk and the matter was referred to police."


She refused to say if there were any delays and when asked how a bag marked "bomb" could get checked-in by staff said: "That's the extent of our comment, sorry." - AdelaideNow



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This one was yesterday as well..


Chaos at Adelaide terminal as flights cancelled


A FUEL truck mishap involving a Jetstar (subsidiary of Qantas) plane and an oil leak from a Qantas jet caused chaos for travellers at Adelaide Airport yesterday.


Passengers had boarded Jetstar flight JQ452 to the Gold Coast when they were told at 3.55pm that a fuel vehicle had driven off before it had disconnected from the plane.


Earlier yesterday, Qantas passengers were stranded for more than four hours because of an oil leak.


The passengers had boarded QF740 to Sydney when the pilot announced the 8.05am flight would be delayed for 20 minutes.


The flight eventually departed at 1.20pm.

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2. Bag marked 'BOMB' accepted by Qantas at Brisbane


I wonder what kind of f*ckwit would consider this even remotely funny, if it'd been intended as a joke??!! Or perhaps a Bin Laden supporter doing a test run to see whether it'd go through.






Special Qantas investigation launched


August 03, 2008


THE aviation watchdog has formed a special team to investigate Qantas amid growing public concern the airline's safety standards may have slipped.




"I wouldn't say we're concerned about Qantas' safety at all. In fact, we've found no evidence of safety slipping within the airline or safety standards being allowed to drop at all," CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said today.


"But we've got to be cognisant. If things happen we need to be flexible and proactive and respond to those (concerns) and that's what we're doing."




Qantas crew demand briefing



Qantas cabin crew are demanding a meeting with company officials after another of the airline's jets was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday.

Edited by Keith T

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"But we've got to be cognisant. If things happen we need to be flexible and proactive and respond to those (concerns) and that's what we're doing."/quote]


Come on, this is not proactive at all, respond to things that have happened is rather reactive.

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tsk tsk, and the QF unions go condemning the quality of engineering of MH and(previously Sin), perhaps with so many spate of tech issues, they should seriously outsource all to MH... kill 2 birds with 1 stone, cost effective and aircraft upkeep is enhanced*


*notice I use the word ENHANCED......

It's also a string of bad luck for QF - media attention, towtruck mishap is also a sensational piece of news now.....


As with the security issues, optimistically - it shows that airport security is working...better safe than sorry..

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