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Warbirds over Wanaka 2008

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I attended the Warbirds over Wanaka 2008 this Easter.


It's certainly ranks amongst the best airshow that I have attended. If you like Warbirds, this is the best one in the Southern Hemisphere.


Here's a selection of the photos.


THis P-40 got off to an early start before the actual flying program and provided a demostration of the live firing of her cannons - apparently for the first time since the end of WWII.



Two Vampires kicked off the show. It's a blast watching these two old timers swinging around, pulling Gs.




You can be right by the runway if you want to.



Too bad I missed the start-up of these two birds parked at the normal parking apron, which is a distance away. Must be hell of smokey, if the photos that we see of start-up sequence in books are correctly depicted.





Zipping around and pulling Gs....I suspect there must some strengthening of the twin tails. These wooden wonders are really old!


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Excellent shots or some rare aircraft there, Kwek, please, can you share us some more ? :good: :huh:

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Is that a Mustang? No, look closely. She's not the real thing - a three-quarter scale representation, with modern instruments and engine. This souped up bird can go things that you won't try with a real warbird... There's a couple of real Mustangs that will come on later.




Next is the re-enactment of WWI aerial warfare. Later the Fokker IVs and Pfalz D111 and will be joined by a Sopwith Triplane (she splutters very minute or so....) and a Nieuport 11. The WWI replicas took off from the grass strip, as they did many moons ago. It was a very cloudy day but still, beware the Hun in the sun!!!



Rat-tat-tat....damn shiok!



Next up are the Wanaka aerobactic team consisting of Harvards.



I enjoyed watching aircraft taking off from the grass strip. Yellow...






There's a ton of them here....painted in all shorts of markings.



Simulating a chase...


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The Air Bandits is a unique group consisting of a Juka, Yak 50 and Sukhoi 29 - all mixed up and flown by a Lithuanian, a Japanese and a New Zealander.



Juka taxiing to park. This Jurgis guys is crazy - he took part in 3 of the displays!!!



There is ton of Yak-52s at Wanaka. Must be cheap cheap...



A water bomber sneaked into the display.. I haven't got a clue on the aircraft type.



The Vietnam re-enactment has a Birddog, Trojan and helis flying simulating attack and Search and Rescue...ala M.A.S.H (for those old enough to remember).



The Aussies was a disappointment. Only the F-111 showed up. The Caribous and C-17 display were cancelled due to the low cloud base....they all had to fly in from Christchurch for this. I eventually got to see the C-17 on take-off roll (one of two in active service with RAAF) on my departure from Christchurch.



The New Zealanders put up a brave display despite not having a fighter force. Too bad no B757s are they are both undergoing upgrade and conversion.

Well, they still have transport....



some helis.....



and trainers.... The Red Checkers (in yellow of course) are made up of instructors flying CT-4s





This brings the time to almost 2 pm. It's been non-stop action since 10 a.m. No chance of toilet break or food if you don't want to miss anything....


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Nose shot beautiful! So many classics!! And the crowd could practically kiss the runway. Thank you kwek.

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Jurgis is now a regular down-under...since his first appearance in 2005 at Avalon, I don't think he's missed an event since!


Oh, RAAF now has all 4 C-17's in service (A41-206/7/8/9)

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Some misc pics before I round up the post on the Wanaka airshow with the main warbird display.

The spectator line for Wanaka is not ideal for photography. The sun is always directly in your face for morning and till about 3 pm the afternoon - you need to aim towards the north in the afternoon and hope for some light on the subject. That's why a lot of the shots are three-quarter rear ;-)

Perhaps the cloudy weather was a blessing, otherwise it will be backlit shots for most of the time.


There were some aircraft were on static display, like this restored De Havilland Dominee.



When you are in a hurry, take off in threes.....this was followed by another series of take-off in the opposite direction from the grass strip..

ATC did a great job to keep the flow and momentum of the flying display.



Half plane, half helicopter.....



This is the Gyrate Eagle. a tandem two-seat gyroplane.



My favourite British WWII plane: the Hawker Hurricane. This is one of only ten remaining airworthy examples left out of the thousands that were built.



I finally got to see the Staggerwing in person.



WWI replica Fokker at the static park



Yak 3-M being towed by a tractor.






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The main event commenced at 2 pm. Consisting of a series of displays by the warbirds, this is non-stop action lasted till 5 pm.


The "RNZAF in the Pacific War" section was depicted by P-40s, a Corsair and a CATALINA!! This included a section where a "Zero" (Harvard in disguise) would attack the Catalina and be repulsed by the Kittyhawks. There aren't many Catalinas flying around. Enjoy!


P-40 pics











Corsair pics



















I had the privilege of visiting the same aircraft at Wigram the week before. My only regret was not being able to secure a seat for the joyrides. There's a hugh demand for it and the cost is NZ$100 for a 30 minute ride. The net proceeds are donated to the Cancer society. (there's a story behind this, connected to this particular aircraft).

Edited by Kwek

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Awesome, Kwek, really really nice !!! :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:


Love the Corsair shots :good:


Would be dyin' to make a joy-flight in one of these YAK's :pardon:

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Dakota. That name sure bring back memories for many older folks....




How about a fly-by?



Bank a little for the camera please....



A gentle turn........



...and on short finals to land.




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