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London Heathrow EGLL/LHR

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Thx for kind words guys! :)


Here part 2: Enjoy the last part!






BA Airbus on short final, Austrian F100 behind and TAM A330 turning into APP




Seek the 2nd bird on this shot :pardon:






4th Kuwait flight of this day, After 744, 343 and 772 now sending AB6 :yahoo: :yahoo:








Austrian Soccer A320 on final APP followed by 2 BA Airbusses and Biman DC10, Turning into APP of 27L I think ANA 777












Last sunrays of the day




And after Thai we went back to hotel I heard engine noice, I turned my head and FUKCNKACKLA :finger:


Too late :blink:




And after this A332 Uzbekistan 763 came in, again :sorry: :finger:


Here 3 more of day#3




See the nosewheel skip off water on RWY :pardon:




Nice 727 came in 27R :yahoo:



Edited by Cornelis Boersma

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Interesting airport, don't you think CeeBee ? :huh:


- where can you see, constantly, 4-5 aircraft lined-up for landing ?

- where can you see so many Government aircraft together ? (yesterday I saw 722, 74L and 744 all of Bahrain Govt.)

- where can you see so many far-away and exotic airlines, as far away as New-Zealand and Tajikistan alike ?

- where can you get soaked as much as there, because of heavy showers ? :p


Love your Youtube links too: a job well done :good:

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OMG , stopped breathing for a while after seeing those pictures .............. awesome cornelis :clapping: , especially with those ac lining and banking for landing ............


thanks mate :drinks:

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Cornelis..............i don't know what to say.......arrrr........Awe....some........heavy traffic.......mor...eee...more....:claping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:

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WOAH, spectacular shots there Cornelis...

Enjoying those heavies..thanks for sharing!

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Waiting for my flight back to AMS at Lounge Area 8 - Bmi - Terminal 1, this is how close a 747-400 from Sneezeland passes !!! :blink: : (standard lens and still cannot fit a Jumbo)



Was VERY pleased to see this landing on 26R :yahoo: :



Next trip to LHR: 20sep08 - hope to be able to 'rest' here again :pardon:

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More pics of UA at LHR



The plane behind the UA is far more interesting: a "special" coloured DL 763 !!! :yahoo:


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Nice stuff mate! FYI, the ICAO code for Emirates is UAE


I know UAE = EMIRATES, but I always shorten it to EMI, dunno why.


here some more of LHR, some more will follow later, enjoy!


Day 1: Bad weather, and fogged in!




At the end of day 1 a few nice arrivals. RJ Cargo




Arik Air, new operator from Nigeria




VS 346 on APP, with on left side of picture tail of Concorde which is going to be sold to Dubai for lots of millions.




Day 2: Early wake up for QFA 388 arrival on 27L.




Then to departures to get Gulf B77W




Then 2 QFA aircraft departing, B744 and A388.








Then a jump to day 3, a few more of day 2 will follow in next post


I am to proud to show my (not in quality) but best shot of LHR in the first post!

The smallest aircraft of LHR facing one of the largest :yahoo: Can you guess both airlines? :pardon:




KLM Fokker 50, who was going to pick me up




Followed by MAS B744 PH-MPP :yahoo:




Finally this F50 didnt fly me home as we had an aborted takeoff. After some test runs on taxiway with tech. failure still present we returned to terminal. I got free hotel and a 4th day at LHR! Shots of day 4 in next post, some with some more of day 2 and 3.



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