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London Heathrow EGLL/LHR

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I will be in LHR soon in late May, may you kindly help in providing information for how to reach the spotting points.



Very simple. All those 27L/R spot can be reached by foot. Just take a tube and get off at Hatton Cross station. You may find spotting spot 27L easily. For 27R approach spotting, 285 bus that is running between central bus station @ LHR and Hatton Cross station through Bath Rd.(close to 27R spot) would be usuful for you.


For 27L rotation (Phil's TG 744 rotation) you must have a rental car. Driving along the perimeter road from Hatton Cross side(direction to T4) you may find the spot(Esso petrol station) easily. Please note you might get only wide bodies heavy rotation there.


27L lining up, A ladder would be nice however a police car coming within minutes, I do not recommend you to try this :( because of angle between fence and taxi way, I don't like to shoot 27L lining up through the fence. 27R lining up is easy to shoot through the fence without ladder however light is only available after 1800hrs during May-July summer time.


In case 09 in use there is only one spot 09L approach(09R spot is gone long time ago), you can be raeached there by bus heading for "Longford" There is no bus service between central bus station to Longford. You may need to tranafer on Bath Rd. Acess by rental car also would be nice for 09L.


Any more Q, just email me or msn me.

Hopefully better wx there :p



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Any more Q, just email me or msn me.

Hopefully better wx there :p




Hi YK,

Many thanks with your kindly guidelines.


I am now really afraid with the BA/ T5 incident, also, the sudden SNOW, really threated me.

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Sorry, Phil, for 'hijacking' your thread :sorry:

Was visiting LHR last saturday, and was able to shoot some very colourful airlines, not flying into AMS :yahoo:

However, weather was extremely difficult with bright sunny spells and dark and heavy showers...giving some dramatic backdrop for the pictures, however :pardon:


Hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless, despite the irritating dust-spots !


How about living in one of these houses as a spotter/photographer, guys and gals ? :huh: :good:



Lufthansa was the 1st to pass my lens with this classic colourscheme:



Another Star-Alliance partner, Air Canada was showing off her 'old' colours on this 767-300:



But LOT of Poland even did better with this Star Alliance full livery:



Bmi recently had purchased Bmed from BA, and the aircraft are now shown in a hybrid scheme; I really love the 'fluorescent' Bmi titles:



One of the most colourful Asian colourschemes at present is the one of Air India, IMHO:



Was really pleased to see this long-haul aircraft of Olympic from ATH; how long will they survive ? :huh: :



No doubt, the longest flight into LHR is flown by this Air New Zealand 747-400:



Always nice to see are the cedars of Lebanon :pardon: :



Tarom of Romania is an associate-member of Skyteam, and not seen at AMS aswell, so was glad she passed my lens:



more to follow later... :pardon:



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Nice shots Pieter, so sorry I could not be with you to enjoy the fun and iffy :wacko: weather. Look forward to the next :clapping: set

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Nice shots Pieter, so sorry I could not be with you to enjoy the fun and iffy :wacko: weather. Look forward to the next :clapping: set


You'll have another chance on 12may08: hope the UK weather will be better, :lol:


Let's continue :pardon:


Just prior to a heavy hail shower with some thunder, this 'sunshine' from India arrived; :sorry: for the dull picture:



Always love to see these colourful tails pass my lens, although I'd hoped for a 'Pencil' :( :



This colourscheme has not changed for decades :blink: It's still classy IMHO:



Imran, this red-belly is dedicated to you !!! Love this shot, especially, as the nose is covered in sunlight while the tail is still "in the dark"... :pardon: :



Almost missed this one, as first I thought it was Lufthansa :rofl: Sorry for the different angle of this KTHY Boeing 737:



One of the most colourful European schemes is carried by this Star Alliance airline of Portugal:



The Blue1 flight from Helsinki is normally operated by the MD90, however this day it was this all-white Swedish registered MD80:



more to follow soon...


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kibris turk hava yolari..


Indeed, bro, and the good thing was: they even came with 2 737's that day :yahoo:


Let's continue with the 12apr08 spotting session ... :pardon:


...Egyptair with the Tripple-Seven, whereas they operate only 320's or 321's into AMS, so was real glad to see this bird:



Followed by 'the Pencil", on which I'll also be a passengers in June, and before they're retired from service:



Another plane, which almost escaped my attention was this really smart looking bird from Libya:



We now proceed to Northern-Asia and this sleek looking 757 from Turkmenistan was a welcomed 'guest' for my camera:



This airline used to fly into AMS with A340's, but no more, so was happy to take a picture of this 777:



Cann't remember if this was the HKG- or LAX-flight, but another 'anti-pole' was seen arriving in the re-emerged sunshine:



Was surprised to see DHL operating into LHR ! In new-colours and white nose nonetheless :blink:



Was it Keith or Gibby making remarks about the out-dated Star-Alliance airlines on this one ? :huh: It's a shame they still sport Ansett, Tyrolean, Lauda and Varig on the fuselage :angry: Note also the half-gone Lufthansa sticker !!! Excuse the different colour: this shot was taken from the T1-restaurant with tinted glass (note the heavy shower in the picture as well):



Hope you've enjoyed this selection of shots :pardon:

LHR is an excellent airport, when it comes to different airlines and aircraft-types...

Care for some spotting together on 12may08, Phil ? ;)



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Libyan CR9. Really beauty Pieter! I heard in KL from English spotter they flew CR9, was surpriced to hear it but really good! Rest fine as well. To bad you didn't get Tarom 737 instead of 310! WAAAW Kuwait 777 :clapping: I saw her in LHR last summer but was little to late to take picture are it came in when I was still in bed, dunno anymore, it was my own mistake somehow :p Days after kept being served 744.

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Pieter, thanks alot for the dedication!


Those -ER's are really being worked hard! :o

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Thanks for waiting, CeeBee, and others ;)


Was able to meet MW-er Phil, and we both found a spot close to this airline's Terminal 5:



First wide-body was this A330, new to this airport and still in her old dress:



Only one or two 737's operate in full colours, and I was happy this one passed my lens:



First ex-Bmed A321 to be flying around in full Bmi colours is this one: isn't she a real beauty ? :huh:



Still wonder why OK changed their good looking scheme for this darn ugly one :angry:



Saw this very same bird just before departing AMS in the morning and was very happy she followed me in the afternoon to LHR :yahoo: (ex Lauda)



Since the open-skies agreement between the UK and US, Air France can also operate between the 2 countries; here the 777 is seen landing from LAX:



BA had to get rid off their "World tails", so it's good to see PK decided to 'colour up' their tales instead :good:



Really like the new Virgin colours, as compared to the old one, as shown here graciously on the Pencil:



Varig has been replaced by TAM for the Brazil-UK flights; tail colours are quite colourful :pardon:



Gulf Air has always been know as the "Golden Falcon", and it really is showing by this picture:



Was surprised to see this wide-body i.s.o the A320-family aircraft; no doubt being part of Oneworld has to do something with this :o



Competition seems to be quite fierce, as these two beauties arrived in the afternoon at LHR within 1 hour of eachother:



which colours do you like the most ? :huh:


From Sneeze-land came this Pencil, my first ever picture of her, as CX only operate a few of them, so was extremely happy :yahoo:



Enjoyed the day-trip a lot; once again, Phil, thanks a lot for accompanying me: it was appreciated a lot !!! :good:

Sneeze, enjoy your stay too at the end of this month ;)



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Let's see what I can get from BRS and LHR :)


BRS: Small and quiet airport, but plenty of Cityhoppers !!! :p

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nice catch's there, Pieter! Very lucky to get CX pencil, as i've been told that -HQC has gone to MNL for an overhaul and won't re-enter CX service, and apparently the other 2 are simply flying the JNB run.

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Nice Pictures.... :clapping:


Cannot see those beauties in our country....


Hehe :rolleyes:


Thx for sharing....


Any more pictures.... :D


London is categorized as the second busiest worldwide airport or not? :blink:

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Hello lads,


I have been to LHR again. Here part 1 of my shots. Part 2 will follow tomorrow.


Flew BA A319 G-EUPH First we had to circle above London area.




After arriving I saw this bird which I really want for a long long time! :yahoo:




Then moved out of the new terminal 5 to do some spotting with my friends :)






Here you can see clearly the crosswind landings we had all day long




Where are Dick Dastardly and Mutley? Can they stop the pigeon? :pardon:














Really dark skies.. we got some showers but later on again sunshine :)




Going to other side for SQ 380






Facing some Malaysian friends, indescribable feeling!














More to come tomorrow ;)


I hope you enjoyed part1.


Kind regards,

Edited by Cornelis Boersma

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nice shots from LHR esp those line-up one's!

Looking fwd for Part 2!

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Cornelis, FANTASTIC Shots !!! :clapping: Love the MAS with Virgin background and the one next to SQ 380:yahoo:. Good catch of Emirates Gov. BBJ :good:

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