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Nik H.

Wanna Fly a Plane?

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Hehehe ... thanks for invite, Nik, but I'll give it a pass this time. In the good old days, over the huge red desert of central Australia, I once found myself in the flight deck of a cruising 747-200, and we touched the yoke to demo the autopilot. A bit only lah.


Btw my concern is more on innocent ppl and properties on the ground. :D


I am sure those in the air are also equally concerned about their own lives, and with this spirit self preservation, i am sure those on the ground need not be unduly worried.


Walter, let's confirm our meeting at 10am, with my Subang office being the venue. Capt Norhisham will be joining us as well. You'll need to take a security pass at the MAS Complex entrance. If you have any problem getting there, call me.




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Walter came over to the office today for discussion on the Flying Event and we both proceeded to Terminal 3.


Walter will handle Topic update shortly.


See you all on Thursday Night.



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It was a pleasure meeting you Capt. Nik!! :D Thanks for the stuff!


I'll be posting the final update latest tonight. Compiling it now.



Edited by Walter Sim

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Subang Flying Session


Confirmed time and location

Date : 23rd February 2008

Time: Be there before 7:30am

Location: Terminal 3, Subang Airport





1. Wilson 23rd

2. David C 23rd

3. KK Lee 23rd

4. Mohammed Nasir 23rd

5. Viktor A. 23rd

6. Walter Sim 23rd

7. Diadrian 23rd

8. Azuan Zaidi 23rd

9. Kelvin L 23rd

10. Irni 23rd

11. Jerry Ang 23rd

12. Chen Tzy Wen 23rd

13. Teo Z. Yao 23rd

14. Razlizam 23rd

15. PC Yuen 23rd

16. Meor 23rd

17. Victor Goh 23rd

18. Kenneth T 23rd


Event Photographers


1. Norman 23rd

2. Chong H.V. 23rd


Contributing Photographers


1. Attan




Briefing Details


Venue : Showru Bistro Kelana Jaya

Time : 2030 - 2200

Date : Thursday 21st February 2008


For directions please refer to map below;



The briefing as I have stated is optional. For some, who already have flying experience professionally or on a casual basis, the briefing will be a piece of cake. For the rest, the briefing will be useful as it will serve to prepare you for your flight experience. You will get better appreciation of your flight if you can anticipate the chain of events and will derive best return for the money you spend.


We will also be joined by instructors from the flying club, notably Mr Mohd Razeef and a few of his colleagues.


Please prepare a deposit of RM150 for aircraft booking on the night of the briefing.


Tentative Program


0715 - 0730 RV at Subang T3

0745 - Registration: IC or Passport required for issuance of temporary airport IDs. Flyer Pairing, A/C Assignment.

0800 - Proceed to T3: Briefing by Instructor

0820 - Apron Activities: Group Photo Session, A/C Ground Familirisation, Walkaround checks, General Photography

0845 - Flying Starts.

1100 - Eurocopter Visit

1145 - Flying Resumes

1330 - Flying Ends.

1345 - Total Flying costs / payment / Returning of Airport IDs.

1400 - Bersurai....TT.....Late Lunch.


Best Regards,

Nik H


Related documents


Please download the documents attached:


briefingflyin.pdf :Print this out and bring it along during briefing night, its a all in one document of the event. A simple briefing and flying syllabus compiled by Capt Nik H. A more detailed briefing of the syllabus planned will be discussed during the briefing night.


c172checklist.pdf : Cessna 172 checklist. Can print it out for max enjoyment during flying.


howtobeapilot.pdf : A simple guide on how to become a pilot in Malaysia.


Please download and read through the briefing document ESPECIALLY that can be downloaded above. A hard copy will be encouraged. Have a read and take note of the important things inside. I will post updates and notes if any as the date draws nearer.


To download, click on the file name above and PRESS THE ORANGE DOWNLOAD button.


AdobeReader will be needed to open the files above, if you do not have it you can download a freeware pdf reader from HERE


Should any of you have any trouble in downloading/opening the file do not hesitate to post here or PM me.




It would be great if you do a short quick read over the internet about the basic principles of flights, most importantly terminologies and terms used in flying. The briefing document contains some simple common used terms and definition. The rest can be read from online. Some websites that are useful; do give them a look.






Do google up for more information as they may come handy when communicating with your flight instructor.



Rendezvous Point


We will be meeting at Terminal 3, Subang Airport. Please be there before 7:30am.


Satelite Image of Terminal 3, edited from Chong's image.



Picture of Terminal 3



Park your cars just in front of the terminal here, the spaces here are usually empty during the weekends



We will meet up here, just outside the doors. Do not wander too far or else we won't be able to find you.



Subang Flying Club will be providing us the flying experience.


Thats all! See you guys on Thursday night for the briefing.






Those who cannot make it on the 23rd, Capt Nik might be planning on organising another one depending on the outcome of the first outing on the 23rd. If possible, it will happen some time around next month.

Edited by Walter Sim

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Don't think so... Who works on saturdays anyways :D. Theres always an alternative just opposite a pay per entry carpark. RM1.50 i think. You can go there for a safer option but i think it would not be a problem...

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Capt Nik


Due to something important that has cropped up, I won't be able to join you guys this Saturday but I wish the project all the success. I really want to meet the group but now even the next session looks difficult for me to attend. My apologies, Nik.

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Yeah, i apologise for that one. Its what given to me by the guys at SFC. Sorry sorry! Download from link posted by raslizam.



Edited by Walter Sim

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