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Cornelis Boersma


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Hi friends,


I just got back from a 10 day during trip to the UK.

We flew Amsterdam-Manchester with Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELS.

We flew Manchester-London HR with BMI Airbus A319 G-DBCJ.

And London GW-Amsterdam with EasyJet Airbus A319 G-EZEW.


The hotel in Manchester was called The Airport Hotel and was located just a few meters away from the 23R runway! You cant get any closer in MAN! All arriving traffic on that runway and half of the departing traffic as well.


First I'll give you some interesting aircrafts we saw and I finish with some pictures of my trip. I dont mention all the domestic and UK based airlines. Some (private/government) aircraft which can be seen on some photographs are not mentioned as well. I hope I dont forget to mention any interesting machines!



OC= Old Colors

NC= New Colors

SA= Star Alliance Livery


Manchester/London Heathrow


Air Canada: A319BJ, B762 OC/NC, B763 OC/NC/SA, B773ER, A333NC, A343 NC/SA

American: B752WL, B772

United: B772 OC/NC, B744 OC/NC, B763 NC

US Airways: A333

Delta: B763 N171DZ, B764

Etihad: A332, A345, A346

Qatar: A319BJ, A320BJ, A332 OC/NC, A333 OC/NC/Doha livery, A346

Emirates: B772, B773, B773ER

PIA: B772, B772ER, B773ER

AirBlue: A321

Asiana: B772 OC/NC

JAL: B772, B773ER, B744

ANA: B744, B773ER

Biman: A310

Yemenia: A310

AirJamaica: A340

IranAir: B742

Saudi: B772

Kuwait: B744, B772, A343

Eva Air: MD11F, B773ER

JetAirways: A332 OC/NC, B773ER

Air India: B744, B763 (hybrid)

Kenya: B772 NC

Air China: A343

China Eastern: A346

Turkmenistan: B752

Mauritius: A340

Egpyt Air: A332

GreatWallAirlines: B744F, B744CF

Dragonair: All 747 versions in all available liveries

Cathay Cargo: All 747 versions in all available liveries

Cathay Pacific: B744, A343, A346

Jett8: B747F

Sudan: AB6

SAA: A346, B744

Qantas: B744

Air Seychelles: B763

Bellview: B762

Malaysia: B744 -> I got the 9M-MPF, so I finally got the last 744 of MAS I needed, of course with exception of the "Ipoh".


And on Gatwick the day of departure:


Virgin Nigeria B763, A343

Ghana Airways B763

Air Namibia A343












































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Very nice shots there.

Love the Virgin lady and the Qatar Business Jet so much.


Just wonder why the Concorde is there?

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Nice Pics... :good:

Edited by Ibrahim

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Nice selection of shots, Cornelis :drinks:


AC A319 taken at LHR ?

How about the Bellview ?

Maybe, it would be nice to put the airport-names underneath the pictures ? ;)


Any security concerns while there ?


Thanks for sharing !!! :good:

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Both seen in LHR Pieter.

I cant edit so I cant put the airportnames underneath the pictures anymore.


Security: For passengers double security, you even have to put your shoes off in London, never had that before!

For spotting: Dont behave strange and dont photograph through the fence, just sit somewhere in approach and you'll be fine.


About the Concorde; I saw G-BOAC in Manchesters viewing park, and in LHR G-BOAG; There is no place for this baby because of the construction of larger taxiways, so this Concorde is put somewhere in between the hangars, but mostly their are 747s in front of this baby so photo opportunities for her are very very bed, and the fence you have to shoot through is really bad.


Kind regards,


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NIce pic Cornelis,


any details on you camera equipment? thanks..

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Cornelis, excellent coverage :clapping: !!!!! Like the Air Canada so much :rolleyes: !!! Still can covered for Concorde :blink: !!What she doing there?

Edited by Andrew Yong

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wow Cornelis... interesting trip... interesting traffic and superb picture...... share more!

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erhh...very nice catch..like the last oic,MAS fly over the resident area...woaaahh

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On your request, some more shots, this time mostly the local UK/European traffic.

Manchester really is 757 heaven so you'll see some 757s come around on my shots.

More of LHR photographs will follow later! Again: ENJOY!


Boarding G-CELS for flight AMS-MAN, gave me this opportunity!




The next shot is made out of our hotelroom! We were using it as shelter for the heavy rainshower which was outside that moment. You can see my mate trying to nail the Cathay silverbullit lining up.




This shot you see the taxiway, with an Omni DC10 on it. On the right side you can see the window of our room. And of course you can see the balcony where we spent most of our time in Manchester! Downstairs there was a pub!! And a big spectators terrace, only hotelguests were allowed upstairs! :clapping: And a pub real close is superb! :drinks:




Some 757s in Manchester, I think the 757 looks beautifull from almost every angle, here some different shots of 757, or parts of 757 :p












A 757 in approach during late evening.




Emirates 773 lined up ready to takeoff back to DXB. You can clearly see all the runways lights reflecting on the nose!!




XL Airways, former Excel Airways B763.




A nightshot of an approaching aircraft. Believe this was a B734 of BA. To bad it was raining, you can see the drops on my lens.




Domestic Irish Airline sending ATR42 and ATR72 a couple of days every day.




New airline for me arriving in the late evening.




One of the smaller visitors and the largest visitor of Manchester.




All takeoff traffic on our runway! :D




A few Queens!








Leisure airline of the year




Ex BA Embraers, all (are most of them) now being in the FlyBe fleet.




British lady on VS B744




Helicopter traffic. Believe this is an Agusta109




The concorde in MAN, G-BOAC, thought it would be nice to show this one from another angle than the one I saw on LHR.




Manchesters terminal2 view, you must have a shot like this when you've visited MAN. To bad the weather sucked this day.



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Excellent pictures, and, wow, what a great spot to take these !!! :drinks:


The Airport Hotel: what a superb location - shelter (if need be), a great terrace and food & drink downstairs; I'll keep this location in mind, as MAN is definitely on my wish-list !!! ;)


Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed all your shots a lot !!!

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Hi guys!


Thanks for your warm compliments! Here a few shots on London Heathrow and one I took in the city, just lovely one I wanted to share with you all. Tomorrow I'll fly of to Helsinki for a few days. Those shots will be posted in this topic next week.




Starting with Tower Brigde during sunset! Lucky me I had my camera with my in town this evening!




Next: JetAirways A330 OC and NC






Asiana 777 NC




An aircraft not seen in Asia I guess, B753, After seen her in Copenhagen in 2006 now the 2nd time I saw her in LHR.




Turkmenistan 752




TAM A332. One of next trips is to CDG or MXP to catch their MD11 :yahoo:




One of the best looking 747s of LHR arriving on 27R "Langkawi"




South African 744 on final app 27R, and Cathay 744F on APP 27L. South African is soon going to phase out all of their B747s so glad I got I believe 4 of them.




And my final shot from the UK, Turkish A340 on finals 27L.





Kind regards,

Edited by Cornelis Boersma

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Hey friends from Malaysia and from all over the world!


A small update from Helsinki where I am right now.

Saw almost all Finnair MD11s passing here. All A340s as well.

I have seen them all before already for exception of the A340s which they've added 2 new ones.


Further I saw the Hibby 9MMPB in EHAM before my departure to HEL/EFHK. Getting a commen sight in AMS this colors. I am starting to prefere MAS regular colors!




Next pictures: Northwest which opened routes to AMS with B752 and equipped them with winglets last year. Further on this shot seen a few airbusses and another 752. Northwest pier!




Next one from HELSINKI: Finnair B752 also equipped their 752s with winglets and repainted the old colors to new.




A few more to follow when I get home :)

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Great shot, Cornelis, but suggest to open up a new thread for the Helsinki/Helsingfors pictures and transfer the ones of AMS to the appropriate 'Netherlands' thread in OBS Hill <_>

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Hello friends,


I spend the X-mas weekend in London. I want to share some shots with you of spotting/my flight/London City. ENJOY!

I flew to LHR on B734 PH-BDS, back on A332 PH-AOB.


First A B727, someone knows the who is the owner of this bird (or regi)? Sorry for low quality but it was very very foggy.




Always nice to get a 752 in this angle. TF-FIV of Icelandair this time




Very nice nose shot of Virgin G-VHOT




Air India B744 in NC. VT-AIS




BA B744 on final APP 27L




Then in London City. I saw the Big Ben from a short distance (serie of shots)




And then a few minutes later, what do I see there?




UHH s#1t IS IT... IT'S RED... NO.. WHAT.. YES!! IT'S HER!




After a fast change of lens..




More from the City of London










Now some shots of the day I left LON to AMS. I had some sort of feeling there would be special traffic at LHR. And the feeling was right! For the 3th time (1st LHR in 2004, 2nd SYD 2005) I saw my friend Skippy aka Wunala Dreaming! No good opportunity of picture because of from outside terminal 2 BA machines in front. And from inside reflecting windows and other stuff in front of it. Resulst below.






Another Qantas bird






Looking into the eyes of a 744 jumbojet






New logojet for Austrian




Boarding Airbus A330-200 PH-AOB










Some aircraft on this one, but most waiting aircraft outside of this picture. I counted at least 12 in the queue for RWY 27L departure.


















Crew leaving aircraft before me :pardon:


Picture of crew


Kind regards!

Edited by Cornelis Boersma

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Nice shots, Cornelis... :clapping:

What a catch... Hibby in middle of London... :lol:


Last pix in cockpit is the killer shot, right? :lol: :lol:


Thanks for sharing ;)

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Thx Norman, I didnt knew what to do when I saw a red aircraft comming from behind the Big Ben tower... :yahoo: To bad I had small lens on camera ah well I think for me those shots are good!


The 727 is HZ-SKI (owner dont know)

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Nice LHR and London shots, Cornelis !!! :drinks:


You beat me on flying the KLM A330 :blink:

Nice aircraft, don't you think ?

Flew both the A333 and A332 recently, but that was QR... :pardon:


Thanks for sharing the KLM outside-, inside- and crew pictures...


Off to Schiphol now for the AN-225 ? :huh:

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Nope, not to the AN225. Arriving during dusk or in evening so not going to drive 1,5hrs to AMS (and 1,5 hours back) for 1 machine arriving at night. Íf it would have arrived on first schedule around noon I would have. (never flew KL A330 Pieter? :o) I just couldnt resist taking this Airbus, flew 737s so often, never A330! :D

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