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Poowin Bunyavejchewin

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi VTBS/BKK

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Excellent work Levent. We sure like to know more about your spotting location.


Maybe MH should pretend to wanting to cancel their A380 orders, so that Airbus send the A380 for the 2nd time to KUL :D

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Made a hastily-arranged trip to Bangkok . . . and here are some of the sightings at Suvarnabhumi Airport taken on 11 - 13 Jan 2008.


On 12 Jan, this C-130 of the RTAF made a flypast at the Children's Day Air Show and then proceeded to Suvarnabhumi Airport where it did the same.



Nice to see that Thai AirAsia finally gets its own special livery . . . let's hope there are more to come.



The Crown Prince of Thailand has his own toy . . . was surprised to see the "Royal Flight" title plus a tonne of other royal emblems.



The Thai A340-500 has eluded me on all previous visits . . . glad to finally get it landing.



Being a fan of the "silver bullet" livery - especially among freighters - I was thrilled to see this gleaming Japanese bullet.



But then again, even if it is not a silver bullet, I still love this hybrid-liveried B762F leased from ABX by ANA Cargo. This makes a late afternoon appearance every single day.



More freighters . . . this time from MAS kargo.



And another with a Malaysian connection. This K-Mile B727F still sports the basic livery of Transmile Air.



Gemini Air's MD-11F is a surprise . . . closer inspection of the sticker behind the cockpit revealed that this is operating for Saudi Cargo.



Lao Airlines is one of the few Asian flag carriers that seems to shrink . . . but I am not at all displeased to capture its MA 60.



Always a favourite for me . . . Etihad.



Bangkok Airways does not seem to stop leasing in exotic planes . . . this time, it is an MD-90 of Hello!



Although the B733s are progressively being replaced by A320s, Thai AirAsia still gave this one a special livery commemorating the "Amazing Thailand" tourism promotion.



Another local resident to round off this batch of pictures . . . Thai's B772ER.



KC Sim




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still haven't got the Thai Air Asia HS-AAI (amazing) and ABC Air Batu Campur!!


How about Kwek...was he all day at DMK? with the childrens....

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The Thais just love their long beans . . . and there's none longer than its Airbus A340-600.



Coming in slightly short, but the A340-500 is for me one of the best-looking Airbus in any livery.




On a day with brilliant sunshine, even this old tin-can A300-600 deserves some attention. This one is dedicated to all from the TAN clan.



A Condor B767-300 - not uncommon - is a pretty sight any day.



Nothing special from Japan . . . but all the same, it is nice to see an ANA B777-200ER . . .



. . . and the more elderly B747-400 from JAL.



A downturn in demand for travel to Myanmar - as a consequence of the recent political events there - has resulted in a down-sizing of Air Bagan's operations. A Fokker 100 now plies the daily run to Bangkok.



An unusual German visitor is this ATR72 of Avanti Air . . . don't know where it came from and also clueless where it went to the next day on 13 Jan 2008.



Royal Jordanian seems to have also down-sized from an A340-200 to an A310-300 . . . but I am not complaining. Doesn't the red bits on the engines remind you of a previous Delta Airlines livery?



Malev's charters to Thailand is back in full force . . . with the B767-300 making the trip to Bangkok.



And SAS remains true to Bangkok and on some days operate two A340-300s within hours of one another.



KC Sim


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Here's some of my shots during the morning spotting session with KC.


A Gemini 3-holer (the regular Saudi MD11 would have been nice too). That;s a good start!



This is one classy scheme!



The temples are in dark blue, not black as most of us would have thought it was.



A tripple looks good from any angle.



Some look more graceful sideways.



Regular but nice



And a tribute to the old queen of the sky before she fades away...


Queenie 1



Queenie 2



Queenie 3







Edited by Kwek

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Big thumbs up for the JAL 744 front profile shot! Bangkok looks so colorful!

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Great shots, Kwek !!! :drinks:


No doubt B-18203 arrived from AMS and is continuing here to TPE :pardon:


Hope to see you again in June for some more spotting ;)

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Hi guys,


next year in March I'm back in Asia for a family holiday. Not in Malaysia or Singapore but in Thailand. Just searched for spotting opportunities at BKK - but there's few stuff on the internet. I heard about a spot near Thai Post but that's all quite unprecise. I'm sure many of you have been in Bangkok already and can give me some information where to photograph and how to get there! That would be quite nice!


... from Bangkok I'll travel to the Phuket area and will also have a day of spotting there. Phuket seems quite nice with spotting from the beach - but further information is appreciated!


I'm sorry that I can't visit you all at KUL and SIN - we had a great time in February and I'm sure I will come back ;)







.... one more thing: in November I'm in Hanoi on a businesstrip - any information about spotting in there?

Edited by Jens Breuer

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I am from Thailand Spotters. Spotting @ Thai post Umm.... I don't reccommend you to spot ther cos sometime a/p patrol coming ,and not sure which RWY ops @ Mar if 01 you will in wrong side. for Phuket in late winter let's go to the beach (hope you wil in corrcet wind) & remember be careful sometime patrol going to the beach.







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So spotting is not allowed in Thailand at all? Does airport control take away your camera and chip or what happens when they "catch" a spotter?

Are there any other spots in BKK and Phuket which are "secure"?

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