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2020 Tribute to Quads (Four Holers)

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Covid-19 has struck the Aviation industry hard in 2020. A major casualty of this pandemic is the disaster that is unfolding before us - the premature retirement of very large aircraft due to low passenger demand for flights.

As we will be seeing fewer and fewer quad jets, I am starting this thread so that we can post photos dedicated to these iconic aircraft. Please share your shots here - there are no specific rules. All sorts of photos to show all sorts of situations are welcome. You can also post cabin shots. 


Let me start this off by posting the Queen of the Skies (also in memory of our dear late friend, Pieter C):


The A380 is a quad that deserved a longer run


The A340 was not a big commercial success but it seems to have fared a little better than its newer gigantic brother


The Boeing 707 is long gone from commercial passenger service in this region. However, some military versions (like this B707 derived KC-135) are still flying in military roles



Please continue and add more pix... :hi:

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Very nice Airbus/Boeing 4x4 combo Chaity! :good:

And let us not forget some Soviet era four holers....


The IL-96 is largely used by Soviet bloc countries and had a limited production run. But it is the Russian President's current VIP jet.


If one aircraft did fantastically well during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the An-124. It has helped to deliver a lot of healthcare equipment and consumables during this period and is still doing busy schedules now.


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Flee, nice light on that IL96 photo.

How we yearn for Soviet birds over here. No matter how big or small, always something to look forward to.



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CX Queen of Sky

Taken at KIX six yrs ago, most probably she has been scrapped for recycle by now




SQ A380 taken in HKG ten yrs ago, most probably rest on ground now in country with no domestic flight.


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Chaity, yes that was the last remaining light for the day - but most of the time, we are at the mercy of the Gods for light as aircraft fly at all sorts of hours! So we deserve some luck sometimes!

The IL-76 not just goes to KUL - it comes to SZB too.


And we also have a China Air Force version...


Unfortunately for us, quads are also being retired from military service. RSAF has begun replacing their KC-135s with the A330 MRTTs


Cargo airlines like UPS and Cargolux still have an appetite for quads. However, the B748F's production run is also coming to an end soon. :cray:


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