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Ja Singh

MH A380 wet leased by govt for UK operations

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Been following the Thomas Cook story for a while as I'm somewhat involved on the professional side.


Have to say the govt. response has been amazing. English Newspapers have been highlighting news of people spending nights at the airport or being kicked out of hotels, but this is really a very very small portion of the hundreds of thousands of people who are apparently "stranded". For 99% of customers who are on their vacation, they can continue their vacation as before with the only downside being that their flight home might be delayed by a few hours or they may have to be bussed when arriving at alternate airports. The ones affected the worst are the ones due to leave for their vacation in the next weeks as they will have to find an alternative. At least they will get their money back from ATOL or CAA or other govt. imposed scheme in whatever EU country they booked their holidays.


The MH380 will fly twice a day between MAN and PMI for the next week. It replaces PMI flights to MAN/BHX/ and some other small airports.


Flying that route twice a day- does anyone know if MH sent 2 sets of crew to MAN?


Thanks to the EU law on compulsory insurance for package deals, CAA's insurance for insolvent airlines, and just a general awareness from govt. agencies who cannot afford to get a bad rep for not doing anything, consumers are well protected.

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