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Nabiel Haniff

Malindo Air Skidded After aborted take off in KTM

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Hopefully the aircraft suffer no damage after the incident. Looks like it's a bad time for KTM at this moment; just about to recover from the deadly US-Bangla Dash 8 Q400 accident and this came in.

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Insider info


Takeoff config warning on takeoff role. Captain aborted takeoff.


*LNJ* : Aircraft skidded off runway at KTM (20 APR 2018)

- Door 2R escape slide deployed.

- No.2 main wheel burst.

- Rescue team deployed, rescue flight activated (OD182D/181D STD KUL: 1640LT).

- Preliminary inspection carried out, no visible damage on critical areas.

- Fuselage inspection 100%completed as of 22 APR 2018.

- All effected main wheel replaced.

- FDR received, sent via OD183 ATA KUL : 2200LT on 21 APR 2018. Awaiting update.

- Further investigation found speed brake handle movement does not engage switch.

- Speed brake micro switch adjustment carried out found satisfactory .

- Pending recommendation report from ES to Boeing /QA and CAAM for final clearance .

*ETS* : TBA (upon aircraft evaluation)

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