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Finally, a chance for me to create a thread on my hometown airport, SBW.

To those flying in and out of SBW for this year, do share your pics in this thread.

Will be flying to KCH today onboard AK6469, So will share the photos i've managed to snap here.

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Snapped on 9/02 (Friday), while waiting for my flight to Kuching (AK6469).




A good start for the year 2018; spotted her for the first time.


And another shots of her:






And on 11/02 (Sunday) only spotted this one:





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Snapped on 18/10/2018, While waiting for my flight to KCH as AK6469.




9M-AGM being prepared to Johor Baharu




9M-AQR (at the back) arriving at SBW, taxing to the gate 3 Bravo.




View from seat 31F




Also spotted the MASwings ATR 72-500 shortly arrived at SBW while our flight was taxing to the runway 13.



And this is the only one i've snapped on 20/10/2018, shortly after disembarking from my flight. Aircraft was 9M-AQD,in Universiti Putra Malaysia livery.



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