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A Day at the Museum (of Aeronautical Science), Narita

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Hi guys,


Wanted to share some photos of my recent visit to the Museum of Aeronautical Science, Narita. Weather was bad so pardon the photo quality.


I took the first bus to the museum at 9:35 am and arrived about 15 mins later. The museum opens from 10 am to 5 pm, with last admission at 4:30 pm. Admission cost is 500 yen for adults. There are 5 levels plus an outdoor exhibit area. The first 2 levels houses mainly B747 exhibits. The 3rd level is an outdoor photograph area. The 4th is a restaurant while the 5th level is a closed deck overseeing the cargo apron of Narita airport.













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It is actually a nice place to spend your day at. The views from the observation deck are good too, though you may need 300mm or more for some shots.

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Hi, S V,


There are scheduled bus from Narita Airport to the museum, but the schedule is irregular. For example the first bus leaves airport at 9:35am, but the second one is not expected until 11:35am. However you can expect the bus to be where it should be on the dot. Cost 210 yen.


Inside the museum there is small souvenir shop selling some airline memorabilia, and a counter selling entrace tickets for the indoor exhibit. If you are here for the outside exhibit or just plane-spotting for runway 34L arrival, you may not need to pay.


The centre piece of the indoor exhibit.




An overview of the Narita International Airport at level 2.




Level 4 houses a restaurant while level 5 is the enclosed observation deck. They also have some old ATC stuff on display there.












Overall it's a good place to visit and if you are spotting runway 34L arrival in the morning. In the afternoon you may have to move to the 2 parks on the other side of the runway due to lighting condition.


For further information can refer these website that I had visited prior to the trip.





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Thanks, Waiping, for sharing!


Looks like I have an excuse to go to Tokyo again!


Did you go into the head section of the B747?


Plus the dots on Finnair A350 are not really rounded... wonder if this is done on purpose just as they do with their Finnair font or a case of poor stenciling during before the paint job. I like to think the former, but it looked a bit awkward as they are too random.

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