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Boeing 737 MAX on OD

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Those recessed panels above the pilots in the cockpit are where the eyebrows used to be I guess :)

They must serve some purpose, for Boeing not to have engineered them away

Or simply a case of the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy in evidence :D

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Wow that interior truly is disappointing, drab and very Lion Air-esq.


I like the 'Operated by Malindo' decals, hopefully when the stickers are removed off the remainder of the fleet currently wearing Batik colours they'll all have these small decals applied.


I like the 'beefed' up nosegear.

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Was lucky to be invited by Malindo Air to attend their Boeing 737-8 MAX launch.




We checked in early at about 8.30am and got directed to gate G1 where the event held.




Your king spotter got very excited for this historic event.






VIP includes Lion group founder Rusdi Kirana, Malindo Air CEO , Chandran Rama Muthy, Director of DCA Dato' Sri Azharuddin and Boeing's representative.

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Not King Spotter la... Hon Kit. There are others worthy of this 'Crown' LOL :p :P :p


First To Fly In The World Boeing 737 MAX 8 with Malindo Air (will be known as Batik Malaysia by H2 of 2017). We are very thankful to Malindo Air for inviting mwings to cover this event as well as being part the first 180 commercial passengers to fly the inaugural 737 MAX in the world.



A summary of the event timings

0800 - Guest Arrival & Check In at counter E1. Event ceremony Gate G1

0830 - Arrival of Dato' Sri Azharuddin, Director of DCA and VIPs. Followed by Negaraku and cultural dance

0840 - Speeches by the VIPs

0855 - Video presentation, aircraft launch, water canon salute, VIPs aircraft visits

0915 - Press conference

1015 - Boarding for flight OD803 at Gate G4

1030 - Departure for Singapore


Like any other launch, inaugural events in KLIA. There is always a welcome cultural dance. This was then followed by Negaraku anthem and speeches.





While we were in the function room at Gate G1, our Taikor Azahan was busy at the apron, understanding the flow of the aircraft taxi route, water canon salute and stop position.



The gentleman at the far right is Dr Dinesh Keskar. He is the President of Boeing India and VP of Boeing International Trading.



Malindo's cabin crews were there to usher guest from the seats to the rostrum.



After all the customary speeches, it was time to unveil the aircraft. It started off with a video presentation followed by VIPs launching the aircraft by pressing a 'button' at the backdrop.





The backdrop was shown a plain MAX 8, and slowly painted into 'Batik Malaysia' colours



A small MAX 8 model was revealed at a corner where we stood after the MAX 8 was fully painted.



"Soon to be available for purchase"



The moment all we were waiting for. The water canon salute. After the launch, VIPs, guest and media proceeded a safe designated area at the apron for the main 'dish'



About 5 minutes later, MAX 8 was seen taxing from remote bay A14 and the rest is history



Safety is always a priority. Ground crew was always there to ensure adequate clearence especially with the MAX 8 double winglet.







Our Taikor Azahan has all the best spots as compared to the media.





To be continued...

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Good to meet few Mwingers on that day! But I didn't bump into you Flee...










Nose a must for me.






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After the press conference, its time to reveal the aircraft.




There she is . Coming in for a bath.




All drench




There she is

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