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Mohd Azizul Ramli

US & UK Ban Electronic Equipment in Cabin Luggage

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Yet another new era of air travel has begun.


After LAG (liquid, aerosol & gel), electronic equipment are now included in the prohibited items to be put in CABIN luggage.


Here are what has been implemented in the US and the UK:



US Ban


Equipment involved:

Devices larger than a cellphone such as tablets, portable DVD players, laptops and cameras.


Geography involved:

Flights COMING TO the US from


1. Egypt

2. Turkey

3. Kuwait

4. Qatar

5. Morocco

6. Jordan

7. KSA

8. UAE.


Airlines involved:

1. Royal Jordanian Airlines

2. Egypt Air

3. Turkish Airlines

4. Saudi Arabian Airlines

5. Kuwait Airways

6. Royal Air Maroc

7. Qatar Airways

8. Emirates

9. Etihad Airways



Tuesday, 21 March 2017 until indefinitely


Further reading: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/21/us-bans-large-electronics-from-10-airports-mainly-in-middle-east.html



UK Ban


Equipment involved:

Any device larger than 16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep. It includes smart phones, but most fall inside these limits.


Geography involved:

Direct flights to the UK from


1. Turkey

2. Lebanon

3. Jordan

4. Egypt

5. Tunisia

6. KSA


Airlines involved:

1. British Airways

2. Easyjey

3. Jet2.com

4. Monarch

5. Thomas Cook

6. Thomson

7. Turkish Airlines

8. Pegasus Airways

9. Atlas-Global Airlines

10. Middle East Airlines

11. Egyptair

12. Royal Jordanian

13. Tunis Air

14. Saudia



Has not given a start-date for the ban, but airlines are in the process of implementing it.


Further reading: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39343971




1. Just like the LAG ban before, this is set to be a global ban in the nearest future.

2. How business passengers are to cope with work in long flights without their laptops?

3. How is the arrangement for transit passengers to the ban e.g. Mr. MW is flying Emirates KUL-DXB (no ban) and then DXB-JFK (ban)?



However, the fast and the furious ones has acclimatised to this ban:


Emirates introduces laptop and tablet handling service for US flights




Definitely more drama to come.

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Back to 'pen and paper' as one security analyst said in a BBC interview few days ago.


Or, make use of increasingly advanced cloud computing, which tech companies like Microsoft and Google encourage people to access their files anywhere remotely from any connected devices - which means airlines may have to convert current IFEs into working computers esp. for businesspeople to use on air?



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Add Royal Brunei Airlines to the list too.


And I just bought tickets to the UK for our planned family holiday in September via RBA roughly 4 days before the banned announcement!


Was contemplating on using RBA or SQ then. Haiyah.

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RB and the UAE are not involved in the UK ban. Airlines and airports in the UAE are involved in the US ban only.


Flights to UK are not banned but extra checks for laptops and tablets in Dubai prior to boarding apparently. Items will be checked at security and must switched on.

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Hopefully they are just asked it to be switched on to ensure it is a legitimate laptop and not to check other stuff like pornographic content like the airports in KSA do.

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The airport which is the main target of the Government’s ban on electronic devices has a security flaw that renders rigorous checks futile, The Independent can reveal.

After clearing six separate security hurdles at Istanbul airport, passengers bound for London Heathrow mingled in the gate area with newly arrived travellers who had faced no extra checks, The Independent has discovered.


Many aviation figures have questioned the value of the UK ban, which is a variant of similar rules imposed earlier by the US. Anyone seeking to take large electronic devices in the aircraft cabin from Istanbul to Britain needs only fly to Amsterdam, Paris or any of dozens of other airports and change there for an onward flight to the UK.



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Someday someone will claim to be able to make a bomb that looks like clothes.


And clothes will be banned from aircraft.

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Following the recent ban on flights out of Middle Eastern countries, US is considering laptop bans from UK soil:


The Trump administration is considering barring passengers flying to the US from UK airports from carrying laptops, sources have told the Guardian.

The proposed ban would be similar to one already imposed on travellers from several Middle Eastern countries.

Source: http://www.airlineinfo.in/us-may-ban-laptops-flights-uk-airports/

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