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Sri Ramani K.

Subang (WMSA/SZB) 2017

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Here's my contribution.....maybe I was perched too low :)


RMAF was kind enough to do a formation flypast & peel off for landing

36760442056_977ed6a984_b.jpgDSC_0105_M5403_310817 by Vick-k, on Flickr


36113549444_f131cef57e_b.jpgDSC_0155_M5403_310817 by Vick-k, on Flickr


36139553373_047fe4c54e_z.jpgDSC_0176_M3015_310817 by Vick-k, on Flickr


36947973445_1cf440788c_z.jpgDSC_0199_M3010_310817 by Vick-k, on Flickr


60 Years Merdeka

36947973995_8a57d5c826_z.jpgDSC_0056 by Vick-k, on Flickr

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You dont often get 4 RMAF A400Ms taxying together. Weather was misty when they departed.



Doing their sorties on Merdeka Day.


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A few more from Hari Merdeka. There were quite a number of spectators at SZB on that day and the crews were very happy to see them!







Today (8 September) saw the Malbatt charter flights commencing. D7 862 returning from BEY landed following an afternoon thunderstorm.



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Had a bit of time to do some editing. Some are older shots and some are today's.

PH-KBX, Gov of the Netherlands, F70 retired earlier in February. She is sold to Alliance Airlines as VH-KBX, a VIP charter aircraft.





Let's celebrate the community spirit.


US NAVY - Commander 'Rocks'. A The Rock wannabe?


N465MC, one of for -400 pax config for Atlas Air. Formerly operated by JAL. Wonder why wasn't this painted to the 'Brown' pax version.


Not sure why this -500 is here.



Delivery flight arrived early yesterday morning from Nagpur (NAG). Departed today at 1300 for DPS. Callsign, Southern Cross 1737. Air New Zealand Link operated by Mount Cook Airline


Last 5-digit number for the Bravo rego on this ERJ-135. Owned by Executive Aviation Taiwan


Uncommon to see this 762 in broad daylight. Operating to CGK this morning as Raya Express 1021. Recently fitted with ADSB, she is now trackable in FR24


Sudden wind gush before landing.

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One of the last image of Malindo/Batik Malaysia's first Max 8 (9M-LRC), arriving into SZB under the airline brand and callsign on 28/8.



She departed SZB to CGK on 12/9 as PK-LQK, Lion Air's reg without the word 'Lion' on her.


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Earlier of the week, one of two RTAF's Sukhoi Superjet 100 came over for a few days stay. I must say it is rather small. As a comparison, its lenght is similar to a Bombardier Global Express or Embraer E170, ~30m.




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That Sukhoi looks like offspring of an A320 fathered by a Convair 880

Well ok, maybe father could also have been a Dreamliner


A 787-400.

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So remind me again how do planes ... er., copulate?



Err ..... what spectrum of smut you intend to delve into ? :)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just for laughs. Reminds me of this Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine cover in February 2012. It had, in a way, created some controversy back then in the business community.


Edited by KS Ong

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