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KS Ong

A British Afternoon Dream)

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World Traveller Plus


interesting the head board is detachable and flip over


Mr. Robert Williams (the person folding the head board) is also a trained BA cabin crew. Whenever he is off-duty as BA Regional Commercial Manager in Singapore, he will perform his duty as cabin crew.

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You are right Alif. Robert was a BA cabin crew before. He is young (late thirties) and has good potential in BA. He is recently promoted as Head of Sales, Asia Pacific. That includes Asean, India, Australia, Korea and Japan. China & Hong Kong are big markets thus BA has another Head of Sales for that area.


Robert is a lot busier person now and still remains in Singapore. Malaysia BA rep, Vivian Tan reports to him.

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Add on a few more World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) from the front. 38" Pitch







Club World (Business). 72" Pitch





Rear facing seat









First Class. 73" Pitch



BA Crest in First



The first seat. 1A







This is the closest most of us have to seat in First Class. Thanks Vithya, Malaysia Airports, to be my instant model



Dreaming of London in First.



A general seat layout by Seat Guru


Edited by KS Ong

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The flight deck is always the 'awesomenestestestest', 'besterestest' place in the plane. What more that of a dream)liner









Love the HUD.


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Sometimes in late 90’s, Jon fulfilled his dream to become a pilot when MH accepted his application.



Captain Jon @ Emperor Kong. A happy face upon promotion to Triple 7 fleet.


Before joining MH, he was a yellow bus driver, transporting kids within his neighbourhood to a public school nearby. The force had always been strong in him. With such a short stint in MH, he was able to become the commander of MH Triple 7 in 2006. I started to know Jon when he made his maiden flight on the type. I was on the right seat. Another good buddy of ours, Norman, was another co-pilot that always flew with us.




Me and Norman. I always smoke before boarding.




Jon flew the Triple just like the way he drove a school bus.






During good days at MH.



Since then we had flown many times together on the Triple 7, to the nearest destination such as Penang and to as far as Newark. We always argued in the cockpit as Jon was fond of cutting corners and not following Standard Operating Procedures. But there had always been no hard feeling between us and our arguments were always constructive.




Standard Operating Procedure hardly existed in Jon's code of conduct then. :acute:



Argument like this was always constructive..... :drinks:



Middle of this year, the three of us were retrenched by MH. Obviously our retrenchment was part of the ongoing systemwide cost cutting measures. However we are the unlucky few, because apparently, most of the pilots within MH remain employed. I suppose our discipline was the primary cause of our fate. Jon, who’s morning diet has always been roti canai until today, had the habit of unstrapping his seat belt upon rotation. Yes, its a NO NO to do this but such behaviour was confined in the cockpit and we were able to hide it under the blanket. However, due to many many years of this prolonged habit, the story eventually reached the Human Resource Division.


I have been a smoker though out my life since puberty and I guess the cigarette stain that I left (although unintentionally) on the tiller of many Triple 7s in the fleet had made me to the top of the retrenchment list within Flight Ops. Norman too was also the unlucky one. But I do understand the reason behind his retrenchment. He was once caught by the Inflight Supervisor, stealing memory card from the inflight duty free trolley. Although he was forgiven by MH, his action remained the black spot in his disciplinary file.


Jon and I decided to be be daring and we applied for BA. Norman didn’t because he had always dreamed of flying a cargo plane. (He is currently a commander at Raya Airways). Although many airlines would readily accept ex-MH pilots due to their excellent reputation , we were surprised being hired by an airline like BA. However, we have been told (upon reporting for duty) by its Flight Ops that the parent IAG has this new policy of hiring pilots with 'Asian looks’ for its 789 fleet as the type will be flown to cities like Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi. Still, why us? Why are both of us so lucky?? There are so many other very good Asian pilots as potentials. Right?



During good times at MH. Triple was like a religion 9 years ago.




Good times are back!!




The good memories of Triple 7 are erased completely. This one is a lot better! :clapping:



Old habit dies hard. Procedures shall always be the last in his mind.....



I start to ponder about our lucky fate and very few things strike my mind. I think Jon got the job because he nailed the final interview at BA with flying colours. I know that there is this favourite niece of his who has been studying at Balliol College, Oxford University. He is always hooked on Face Time with her daily. I guess the constant communication with her naturally somehow improved his British accent, thus possibly had made the BA recruitment team very much impressed.


I got the job because I think that the news of my application had somehow reached the top bloke in BA. Just few years ago, I managed to solve a fight between an English man and our local red taxi driver. I was walking by the road side around Bukit Bintang shopping area and I bumped into these two individuals shouting at each other next to a red taxi. The English man complained to me that the taxi driver might have adjusted the fare meter and that such a short 3 kilometre trip from the Twin Tower to Sungei Wang Plaza had cost him RM50/-. I was in a rush and after helping to resolve the fight, I only managed to pass my phone number to him. Days later I received a ‘….once again, thank you...' message from him and below the word ‘Regards’ was his name, Keith Williams. I had never known who he was because I had always associated Willie Walsh with BA.


We pray and hope our stint at BA will last until our retirement. :clapping: :clapping:



Referring to a recent event, Jon is always paranoid now days whenever I get out from my seat.



Hope you all enjoy our little story.....

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Thanks for the coverage. If the stories are real (strange part of me somehow think part of it were meant to be jokes), congratulations on getting into BA and the 787-9, guys!

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Eh... Wondering whether the Inflight Supervisor that "testified" against me for "stealing the memory card" is still with MH?.....


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Norman, don't worry about the inflight supervisor. Let bygones be bygones. After all u already got your wish to fly cargo plane. Keh Keh.



Spotting can be tiring sometimes, especially if it involves day and night.



About slightly more than an hour before departure. Cargo and bags were not loaded yet. Thus a clean sight. :drinks:




My Standard Operating Procedure. Nose! Yeah..... :db:

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A month ago, these shots were not possible during the official welcoming of British Airways 789 Dreamliner. The weather was unfavorable and she landed at Rwy33, the furthest from the terminal. This time around, the weather was perfect; blue skies, light clouds, bright sun and the most important, she landed at the correct runway. Thank you Malaysia Airports and British Airways for the coverage opportunity.




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Yup, second chance to shoot the arrival. Weather was cooperating this time..... :)






Complete touchdown. I got the nose. Yay!! :db: (And birdstrike stain on the radome)




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Lovely photos guys! Flew back on BA33 (arrived Sunday) after so many years flying EK, QF, KL and MH (and AF once!). The shiny new Dreamliner looked great. IFE not as good as EK but the service (almost like MH) and the professionalism was excellent.

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Wonderful coverage there guys! Thanks for bringing the experience to us here at mwings :)

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