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Jason Yong Jun Keat

[Survey] Customer Satisfaction in Malindo Air

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I used to be a spotter in BKI few years ago until I went to Taylor's University for further studies.

This is my last semester for the Bachelor degree of International Tourism Management.

This survey is concerning the customers satisfaction in Malindo Air. Base on the results, I am using SERVQUAL model to evaluate the overall results and to be analysed in my dissertation.

If you have traveled with Malindo Air before, please do me a favor by filling up the survey based on your experience in the previous.
Your help will be much appreciated.


p/s : I hope moderators are generous enough to allow this as it is related, and will be helpful for the recommendation of Malaysian-based carrier. Also spread this to your friends and family who have travel with OD before.


Have a nice day!




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I already posted the link you give to my Facebook group.



Done the survey, good luck with your degree!


p/s I hope my upcoming flight with OD will be better than last time



Done; Will share the survey on my FB.


Good luck for your Degree!


Thanks guys. I appreciate your efforts on this.

Above is the account linked with my facebook, as I have forgotten my first id (just restored my password) :)


Have a nice day

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