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SZB - FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour 2014

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Time flies as our coverage for the trophy plane 4 years ago in this thread at KUL --> http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13956&hl=world was still in my mind.


Ong was busy and unable to attend this event. At the very last minute, WT Liew and myself was on leave to cover for him. :pardon:

Many thanks to MAB, event organizer and the PR company and their teams to allow us to cover the event.


I will let the photos do the talking from here.


Media arrival at 1400 at SZB VIP lounge at Gate 38



We were greeted by the lovely ladies at the entrance



More ladies at the registration counter



Here's the main stage for the event inside the lounge



Emcee did announce that the aircraft is slightly delay.

Event started around 1500 with speech by Mr Argustinus Gunadharma, Franchise Director of Coca Cola Far East Ltd Malaysia



Another short but hilarious speech by YH Dato' Sri Subahan Kamal, Senior VP of Football Association Malaysia



At around 1525, we were invited outside of the lounge to greet the arrival of the "star" for this event




To be continued ......

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Up close with this colorful plane



Some others take the opportunity to take photos



Anxiously waiting for the VIPs and of course the trophy



Look at the well decorated door



Ms Annamaria Gazba, Global Football Manager of The Coca Cola Company & Dwight Yorke, FIFA Ambassador getting down from the plane



Not easy to get a spot nearer to shoot the unveiling of the trophy



To be continued ......

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Some information on OY-RUE, McDonnell Douglas MD-83 - cn 49936 / ln 1778


Operator: Danish Air Transport


First Flight: 06-10-1990
Age: 23.3 Years
Test registration: N3001D


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VIPs and the trophy then went into the lounge for the press conference


Ms Annamaria Gazba, Dato' Sri Subahan Kamal, Mr Argustinus Gunadharma & Dwight Yorke


Dwight Yorke as FIFA Ambassador giving a speech



After a short Q&A, The trophy is reveal to all. Guest can take a photo with the trophy with handphone camera and no DSLR allowed :pardon:



For me, I was out in the tarmec with the aircraft :clapping:



Dark clouds are forming in the background .....



Heavy rain started at around 1700 and the AC is on tow to Transmile hangar in the rain



Concluded my coverage for the event. Perhaps Liew have more shots to show when he is free.


Many thanks to Mike Tayaa, David Ong-Yeoh & Koh Mayanne both from PR, for making this a memorable event for the start of 2014.


FYI, the above aircraft will depart SZB 6 Jan 2014 Mon 0900 to CGK.

Edited by Chaity

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VIP's greeted on arrival



Trophy escorted in an LV case



Preparing the trophy for unveiling



Standing guard over the trophy






The trophy at last


Edited by WT Liew

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6 Jan 2014 Monday 0915 Time for her to continue her journey to Jakarta




Traffic is clear for her departure



Sayonara to this colorful plane for giving us a good start for 2014



Bye ! :good:

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Wow, what a great colour-scheme; will be in AMS between 19-22mar2014 :) arriving from GLA and departing to SVO...

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